I have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 4. Am going on hrt and injections followed in 2 months by radiotherapy.  Do I have to follow a diet and are there any foods to avoid?

  • Hi  and welcome to the forum. When I started my three years of HT my GP practice nurse advised me to cut out caffeine and alcohol completely. You should also be aware that hormone treatment can raise your HbA1c blood sugar so keep an eye on your sugar intake. There is also a tendency to gain weight when on HT so portion control is important. Otherwise treat yourself to what you like to eat as being happy and positive is the way forward.

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  • Hi Miker 

    When I was diagnosed I cut back on red meat, sugar, refined carbohydrates,  dairy, no idea if it helped but am still here

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    I was advised,  in addition to the suggestions by others, to go on a diet low in fibre - no wholemeal anything for example. Also keep away from green leafy vegetables. There was a load of other things to avoid too.

    I can load up a copy of the diet sheet from Poole hospital if you cant get one from yours.

    The only problems I had were when I ignored the advice!



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  • Hi,

    Prostate and Bladder Cancer 8 years ago - my Urology Consultant recently suggested that Soya and Tomatoes MAY be helpful against rising PSA -- no guarantees of course, but can't hurt to try ?

  • I have been on a pure Plant Based diet for the last 10 months following my Advanced/metastatic diagnosis - ive never felt better even though i'm on 2 sets of Hormone therapy- injections and enzalutamide. Still going strong and hope is alive to beat this !