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I have just recently been diagnosed with, luckily, low grade Prostrate Cancer and just started the Hormone Therapy in readiness for the Radiogaga treatment. Its not the treatment that's turned me up side down ...its that word...Cancer...has made me delve into areas of my little brain of past issues and whether I should have, or not and if so why! Mad!

I am 77 in July and my first ever illness and so should feel lucky ...that's for sure.  


  • Hi


    The news I had cancer hit me like a sledgehammer- I just felt numb. Then all the 'how' and 'why me' jump into your head. Once I got my head around the fact life has thrown me a curved ball, and just accepted my lot, things felt a lot better. I guess I may have felt otherwise if my stats were different though.

    The RT is nothing to worry about - it's just boring! Hopefully, they will allow others into the waiting area now, as the banter makes the whole thing pass much quicker. 

    Please take note of the dietary advice they give, and get a copy of their diet sheet. It's important to follow to the letter. Over Christmas 2020 I didn't and it really wasn't funny.

    Good luck in your journey.



    Trying to get fit again!
  • Hi Holger,

    You will find out loads more in this forum.  People actually going through all different symptoms and side effects.

    Today is my first anniversary of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer..

    This time last year I was just trying to take it in.  As Stuart said, it hits you like a sledgehammer.  It took me a couple of months to be able to say the word 'diagnosed'.

    I could say "I have been dia..." Then burst into tears.

    Once I had come to terms with having Cancer it was a lot easier.

    Last summer was the hardest ever.

    Mine was a Gleason 7 (3+4), 9 of 29 biopsies came back with Cancer.  The bone scan came back clear (first bit of good news).

    Started on Hormones in June, full month of VMAT Radiation sessions from October to November.

    I won't go into the side effects but I did think it could have been worse.

    Fast forward to February, I was told by my Oncologist that I was in Biochemical Remission.  So as long as my PSA levels can stay between 0 and 2, I don't require any further treatment.

    I don't regret for a minute taking the Hormones and Radiotherapy option.

    From not being able to talk about it, I can't stop now.  Mentally I am a lot stronger. 

    If I can take anything positive from the Cancer 



    'In Remission' Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed

  • I was saying, if I can take anything positive from the Cancer, it's that I am a lot more positive and have a different outlook on life.



    'In Remission' Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed

  • I guess I'm in the minority here. My father died of PC in 1970 when he was only 53 and, at the insistence of my then GP, I have been having PSA tests every year since I was 50. Roll on 20 years and at the age of 71 my PSA test came back at 11, but the cancer was a Gleason 9. Getting the diagnosis was just as stressful as anyone else even though I had been waiting 20 years for it to surface.

    I had three years of HT and 20 sessions of RT in Feb/Mar 2019 and my PSA has now been undetectable for three years, so in remission. I don't know if one can ever say that the cancer has been cured but, at the age of 74, I'm happy with remission.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.
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  • Thanks a lot for the 'words of wisdom' as everything I hear from this Community helps me overcome my anxieties...especially knowing so many of you have first hand knowledge of all that this kind of diagnosis throws out.

    I am at the end of my third week taking Hormone Therapy and so far so good ... its just the mind that keeps wondering off into weird and wonderful places...some happy and some definitely not so!

    I am 77 in July and never been ill or in hospital, ever, so I really should feel very lucky but at the same time this is the first experience for me to work out how you deal with being ill.


    Holger - a positive prostrator!

  • My latest experience of the Hormone Therapy I am undergoing is that things like hot flushes and sweating seem to be on the increase as well as the difficulty to sleep...something I have never had problems with. I am on the look out for any other side effects but apart from my mind wondering off into 'doom and gloom' there appears little to report.

  • Holger,

    I kept waking up between 1am & 3am, unable to get back to sleep.

    My hot flushes always seemed to be when I was in bed until...a couple of weeks ago when I am starting to get them in the late afternoons and evenings.

    Every time this happens, I ask my partner if the heating is turned on.  Always she replies "No".

    Last year when I started on the Hormones, I could cry for England at the slightest things.

    I seem to swear a lot, "Blame it on the Hormones ".

    I do blame them for a lot.



    'In Remission' Fingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed

  • Thanks for your comments...much appreciated.

    I too have similar but it seems any time I am in bed they appear and then getting back to sleep is not easy. I get a few in the day also but they seem less intense.

    I haven't started swearing yet but there is time! The mood swings I think also must be happening as my Wife keeps asking me if I am alright...seemingly by my attitude and look on my face, maybe?

    It seems a bit of a roller coaster ride this hormone therapy and pretty sure there is more to come!