Prostate cancer

Hi, was diagnosed on 8th march, started on hormone treatment straight away, since then have been told it's spread to my bones and am now waiting to see a specialist to discuss treatment. Not enjoying any of this as have had to cancel all my work, my entire world has been turned upside down.

  • Hi E , sorry to hear.

    Even though it may have spread there's still plenty of hope and treatments for you 

    The HT will reduce the PSA right down , you didn't mention the reading and then they'll probably start u on some Chemo.

    Could  also be worth asking about trials as there are new treatments out there.

    I presume that u have had a bone scan which has identified that it has spread?

    There's plenty of help on here so keep posting

    Best wishes


  • Hi Grundo, looking at a letter dated 22nd April it says 'presenting PSA upon diagnosis 18.6 ng/ml' so i'm not sure if that's still the reading. I had a bone scan which confirmed it had spread. I was told about a drug called Ivermectin  by a friend, i looked into it and it seems very promising but could find nothing on this forum about it. 

  • Hi E, sorry to see you on this site, but welcome anyway, I was already retired when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which has spread to my lymph nodes and extensively to my bones 16 months ago, and yes it made a major change to mine and my wife life.

    One of the worst bits is the waiting for the exact diagnosis and treatment path, what I was told by my urologists was correct for the drugs they put me on, this changed when I was transferred to oncology,they added, enzalutamide into the mix, my PSA is now 0.054ng, proof the treatment path is working.

    It would be best to get your full diagnosis and treatment path then let us know, you can always ring Macmillan helpline they are really good.

    All the best Ulls

  • Hi Ulls, I do have an appointment on 1st June to discuss treatment and options so maybe i'll wait to hear what they recommend. If I don't like what they recommend i'll refuse it.

  • I'v not heard of Ivermectin for PC but could be a new treatment.

    Thought it was used for Covid.

    Is this a NHS center.

    PSA of 18 not particularly high, presume u had MRI as well as bone scan, what did that say

  • This is a link to the medical papers on Ivermectin if you google it then yes it's buried under covid mis-application. I've had 4 different scans, PSMA PET CT scan, an MRI scan, a YH Nuclear scan and a CT Thorax abdomen scan. The scans said I have prostate cancer which is growing out of my prostate and spread to my lymph nodes, then it had also spread to my bones. Liver lesions still under investigation, infected lungs under investigation and thyroid under observation. So until i sit down with the specialist on 1st June I'm not sure what new diagnosis or update there really is.

  •  You're right,  1st June, hope answers a few questions for you, also check out and look under clinical trials for new treatments on offer/trial

  • Yes I'll check it out, thanks Grundo. I suppose looking on the bright side of all this, I've had so much time at home in the last 2 months my garden no longer looks like Jumanji.

  • Yes, at least the weather ok.

    It's always a shock when first diagnosed but hopefully will be clearer after the 1st, good luck