Newly diagnosed

Hi all.i have recently been diagnosed with p/c and am now looking at different treatments..was just wondering what the general thoughts were on options.i believe I can go for the robotic surgery,the radio therapy or the hfiu.i have read the pros and cons,but was looking for guys that have perhaps had these treatments and their 58 and have a medium diagnoses.thankyou in advance

  • Hi DJ 

    You don't give any stats which makes it a bit trickier to give advice, ie PSA, Gleeson, is cancer contained.

    Generally though Surgery and RT offer roughly the same outcomes although potentially there can be more side effects with surgery but not always.

    I had RT 5, years ago and no lasting issues.

    Hi fu is more recent but still well established and I did read the other day that more NHS will offer it. Not sure that there is long term success rates on this option though.

    Good luck and  see what others say 


  • Thanks Steve I appreciate that.not sure of my gleeson score,but the cancer has not spread.i have a consultation phone next week to discuss in depth my options so hopeful it will be clearer then.yes hifu does seem a good option but some varying results from what I've read.roll on next week and thanks again Steve.oh sorry my psa is 1.6

  • Psa 1.6 sounds low, did you have other symptoms?

    Have you had a prostate biopsy? 

    Hifu is not offered at all NHS, I've gone private to check if hifu is an option for me

  • 1.6 is better than normal, must be the Mri and Gleeson that confirms the cancer.

    Hi Fu, yes varying results but suppose the good pointer is that NHS are rolling it out on a wider scale which may say something about success rates


  • I didn't have symptoms as such.just joined a genetic research group ( barcode 1),and had psa,mri and biopsy as part  of the research.

    The treatment is radio therapy,surgery or hifu.i now need to read all the relevant info and make a decision from there.

    Good luck with the private appointment 

  • Yes I found out the gleeson was 3+4.,so just a time for researching and then making a desicion

  • If it's not results via the NHS or well known private hospital I would ask for copies of all paperwork regards the results.

    With a PSa that low could be worth a second opinion.

  • HI,

    With a low PSA like you have and a gleason 3+4 , was active surveillance not offered? I understand that if you have certain types of aggressive cells like cribiform within the cancer this is not offered, so that could be the reason. Also, there are certain types of PCa that have low PSA ( I think ductal cell types) which secretes the protein into the ducts rather than release in to the bloodstream. Might be worth asking if monitoring is an option.

    In any case you been very fortunate to catch it early with such a low PSA for your age. Without symptoms you would not have got an MRI or possibly even a DRE.

    I was 55 , with gleason 3+4, 4.3 psa at the time of diagnosis. I was recommended the op rather than the other options because of age and the situation with the cancer. One thing the Drs were stressing was that radiotherapy was still an option after surgery, and although surgery is still possible after radiotherapy it will be more difficult. I did look into Hifu and I think its available on the nhs at UCLH. The main consultant that did my op has set up a HIFU clinic there. Although the results looked promising and less potential side effects, the data was fairly recent and surgery may still be an issue if it didn't work, although less so compared with conventional EBRT.

     My older brother had low dose brachytherapy over 15years ago and he is doing great. It wasn't something they recommended in my case.

    I had my surgery 7 months ago and apart from ED and a few minor  post op issues, everything else has been good so far. My last PSA was undetectable, hope that continues. 

    Best of luck 

  • This was all done via the Royal Marsden so happy with their findings ( sort of ha ha ),but I do see your point.

    Thankyou and good luck 

  • Hi,I know I've been very lucky to have had the tests so quickly,and the advice from you guys and the professionals has been invaluable so thoughts for treatment go one way and the next,so im hoping for more information on Tuesday to help clarify some pleased you and your brother are doing well.these are the messages that really help,so thankyou again and good luck with your ongoing health