Treatment choice


Asked to choose HT/RT or radical op robotic. I’m Gleason 8 T2 3/6 biopsies in left side. Wondering if both treatments are effective. Told they’re curative. Worried over incontinence but if it cuts out all cancer it may be worth risks. I’m 73 and active. I fear ongoing probs if HT/RT option might lead to further cancer issues. Really struggling with this choice. Is op a quick fix as it’s no longer an option later? Is HT/RT better for active lifestyle with fewer incontinence issues?

  • Hi Cody

    My husband has similar Gleeson score to you . He is active but in late seventies. He has had a month on HT tablets and then a HT injection. No incontinence 

  • Sorry it logged me out before I completed the reply. He has found that his penis has shrunk after the injection. He is now starting the radiotherapy for 29 days and they have said that after that he should be cancer free only requiring regular blood tests.