My husband is 76 and has advanced aggressive prostate cancer which has spread to his bones. He has hormone injections, has had radiotherapy last December and starting chemo in 3 weeks. I am looking for how to support him best. 

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    Sorry this is happening, I have similar to your husband had it for nearly six years, so chemotherapy everyone is different how this affects the individual, in my case side effects love me. I shall tell you what symptoms I had while on chemo, nothing for the first two days then whallop. I sweated immensely at night I practically drenched the covers, breathing is a little restrained, fatigue and tiredness later my hair fell out nails went brown and my taste buds everything was like metal. 
    Now every three weeks is when the chemotherapy is administered. The last week is the best you are more used to it, then it starts over again, drinking plenty of liquid helps the treatment pass through the body, as it’s literally poison being pumped in there, but that’s the drug don’t worry.

    You need a good thermometer take his temperature morning and last at night, they will tell you this, his blood will be very susceptible to catching anything on my third treatment I caught sepsis, even though I was very careful. 
    looking after him is just about being there, help give him that extra strength, my wife’s my carer worries constantly, gets upset a lot, but I’m one of those people that bounce around try and keep a smile on her, it gets tough, but I want to be with my wife as long as I can, positivity is the best way.

    Stay safe