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Hi there my husband was diagnosed with Prostate .Cancer last October. The Cancer is controlled at the moment with injections and medication. His consultant has said he is well enough to travel.  Can anyone recommend an insurance company to use for Travel Insurance please? 

Thank you.

  • Hello Judee S, there was recently a post on the very same subject (if you go to page 3 you will find it). Someone who contributed to the post said they got a good deal with 'Insurancewith.'

    Regards, Graham. 

  • Hi Judee S, there is a separate travel insurance group on the MacMillan online community. Worth checking that out I think.

    Travel Insurance Group


  • Thank you I will give them a try.

    1. Judy Spencei
  • Thank you.

    1. Judy Spencei
  • Hi Jude s

    I’ve been looking at insurance, I wanted to take my wife on a holiday, first in 15 years, although I’ve had PC for nearly 6 years and thought it might be a good treat. I went to money super market after filling in all the questions etc they came up with an assortment of prices ranging from £653.66 to £3734.70 the dates I asked for was 18th June to 2nd July have a look your under no obligation to take them.

    Stay safe


  • Hi

    I've found them very competitive,  in fact the cheapest by a mile. They, also, are the only company, I have come across, who actually ask what medications you are on and for what reason. Very thorough maybe that's why they are so much cheaper Thinking



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