I have just been diagnosed and am trying to decide the best way forward. I feel fine during the day but when I wake at night for wee I lie awake worrying. 

  • Hi

    It's a very worrying time for you - I can still see the sunny day in August 2019 when I received the hammer blow.

    Let us know your stats and we can support you on your journey.



    Trying to get fit again!
  • Thanks for your support. My biopsy was a mixture. Some ares of 4+3 and a very small area of 4+4.. 

  • Hi Woody 

    Your gleeson shows medium aggressiveness, what  is your PSa, what does the MRI tell you, is tumour contained within the gland.

    The more info u can give the better and more helpful the advice given 



  • The psa was 7.7 in December 21 having been 6. something three months before. That’s why they referred me. The mri suggested ‘T3 disease with some seen breaking through prostate capsule’That was so worrying to hear over the phone. 

  • Well PSA is not too high so that's a good start 

    If the tumour has just  broken through  and not invaded anywhere else, then the cancer is potentially still curable.

    The treatment should be hormone therapy and Radiotherapy, hopefully you have already started or about to start the hormones, this will reduce tumour and help with the Radiotherapy.

    It is always a shock when first diagnosed but looks like just caught in time.

    Best wishes


  • My worry is that it has spread because I had some aches in my right hip and thigh which I don’t feel during the day but at night cause me discomfort but also stress. My GP daughter who is 6 months pregnant and her family are staying with me at present because of building work and I don’t want to worry her unnecessarily about the my waking at night distressed. I have had a CT scan and am awaiting results.

  • What does your daughter say to you about the diagnosis.

    With a PSA at that level unlikely it has spread to the hips, not 100% but unlikely.

    Aches and pains could be something else not related.

    Have you started on hormone therapy yet. When are u going to see the specialist . 


  • I agree with Steve, your condition sounds treatable with prospect of a good outcome. Very similar to my condition 16 months ago. I started on hormone treatment immediately to shrink the tumour. Prostap injections every 3 months. Before the first injection took Bicalutamide  tablets for 7 days to prevent tumour flare. After first injection had 20 sessions of radiotherapy and a month later my PSA was 0.03. Still at 0.03 this year.

    Regards, Dougie

  • Hi Woody man, Sorry to find you on this forum but it it a great place for advice and support. Regarding getting up during the night for a pee or two, I think a lot of guys are in the same position as yourself, I know I am. Sleeping on the other hand has never been my friend since I started my medication after diagnosis. I was like you initially when I used to go back to bed after being at the toilet fully expecting to fall over no problem. How wrong I was, it was wide awake club and my thoughts going into overdrive and thinking the worst. I still wake up regularly but I no longer dwell on my cancer diagnosis, as I have come to terms with it. I just get up & go through to the living room and try to be productive in other ways. It`s not the first time I have fallen asleep during the day but hey ho these things happen.

    Take care, Tom.