Hello everyone,

New here, not sure where to start, but feels a bit reassuring to be part of this community that Macmillan provides.

I am 55 and have just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, with a PSA of 3.6 and Gleason of 6 (3 +3) two days ago, bit of a shock, but coming to terms with it.

A team of specialists are meeting next week to determine the course of treatment. Either radiotherapy and hormone treatment or Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic surgery.

I guess I have a choice. Not sure what option is best if there is a best one. It's all a bit bewildering, but I am taking it with a positive attitude.

All the best to you all with this condition and those who are affected by it.

It's good to read other peoples experiences........thankyou

  • Hi

    First glad you’ve come to our little community, on here we will try and give advice, especially those with simuler conditions that you have, which treatment would be the best for you, as I’ve only gone down chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone injections because I’m incurable I cannot have a say in what would be the best option for you. I just wanted to let you know, people will reply and give the information your looking for. Keep talking to us.

    Stay safe


  • Hi & Welcome.

    It would be useful to know your TNM score; do feel free to ask anything.

    Because all the treatment options are brutal in their own way, it's quite useful to look at the side effect profiles of each treatment, both long term and short term.

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Thanks for your reply Joe, sorry so hear you are incurable. It's inspiring that you still come to this forum and give advice. Thank you

  • I believe my TNM is 2, thanks for reply 

  • Morning Geeman, it's goos you are being positive about things. Like Joe radiotherapy and hormone injctions were my course as incurable following bone scan. Will be daunting for you to decide, write down want you want to know and ask your Oncologist about the pros and cons of each treatment. Give yourself a bit time to decide. Looks like by your TNM 2 score it is still inside your prostate. Wishing you all the best, Graham. 

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Hi and welcome.

    Your diagnosis appears to be slightly better than mine was, at a similar age. I opted for surgery, and suspect you may be guided along that path.

    There lots of detail on my profile which may help and reassure you.

    Good luck, whatever option you decide to take.


  • Hi Geeman

    I had Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic surgery April 2021, my scores were a little worse than yours. I went into the hospital mid-day Thursday and came out the next day teatime. No pain at all. After nine months my incontinence has just about gone and currently, I am trying different types of Viagra, As far as choice is concerned, this is really down to what you can accept as far as side effects are concerned, both the surgery and radiation options have side effects write everything down including time scales and decide what you can tolerate and what you cannot, at your age you should recover from a procedure quite quickly. I regard myself as a bit impatient that is what made me go with surgery.

  • Hi Geeman, we are similar age and score. I was diagnosed last March and on the operation table by May ! to be honest I wish that I had taken time to research all of my options. Remember it is a slow-growing cancer so you will probably have the option of active surveillance which only postpones the decision but does give you time to really know the road you want to take. Neither route is right or wrong nor easier by any margin just do lots of research and ask lots of questions.

    I do think the prostatectomy was the right choice for me but really wasn't ready for the aftermath, sex life and incontinence being the most difficult to come to terms with. the incontinence has all but gone 9 months later and taking viagra type tablets that haven't really helped me yet though this is possibly just my situation with the partner. Overall my life is returning to normal and at the end of the day I am alive and kicking

    Good luck going forward and remember to keep talking don't keep it bottled up!

    Regards Graeme. 

  • Hi, all you wonderful people, HappyHacker, Jan52021, and Graeme. and everyone else too.

    Your advice is very much appreciated. I will see what the specialist team have to say from next Friday and hopefully make the right choice from then on. 

    Thank you all again. Good luck to you all and anyone else that has to go through this