Hello everyone

I am a newly diagnosed guy joined a couple of weeks back.

Diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer this has spread to my bones which has caused the growth of a tumour on my spine which luckily they caught fairly early so zapped it with radiotherapy.

Due to speed of diagnosis  and initial treatment I have had no input to my treatment plan, not complaining as I am impressed with the speed of my treatment, see my bio.

Gleason score of 4+4 (8), T4 N1 M1b PSA 27

Now on monthly degarelix injections and daily Abiraterone and Prednisolone

Cheers folks


  • Cheers Keith. I have similar diagnosis. I'm also on Firmagon (which I think they use when there is some cancer in the spine) and Enzalutamide which is similar to yours. Good luck in coping with all of this and stay positive.   

  • Hi Sussex20

    I am fairly upbeat about it all most of the time, I tend to just accept what comes my way I find the first few days after my injection is a bit of a struggle but its early days so once I have had my radiotherapy I should get into a better routine.

    Hope you are coping alright with your treatment as well.


  • Hi Keith

    Sounds like your team has a handle on your treatments and well being, hope this carries on for many a year.

    stay safe


  • Yes they were fast so it took me out of the decision loop for which i am glad

  • Thanks. A fresh jab and tablets this morning really zonked me out. Tomorrow should be better and I'll stick with the early morning gym and pool plan. This seems to help sustain my energy, despite the treatment. 

  • I walk the dog for a couple of hours in the morning and have a session on my exercise bike in the afternoon.

  • Hi Keith

    I found the first couple of jabs knocked me for 6 but after that my body seemed to get used to the drug and it was much easier. Even the tiredness isn't so bad. 

    The lack of stamina and strength is another story.



    Trying to get fit again!
  • Hi all,

        I am (54) in the same situation, I have Gleason score 5+4  (9) , the cancer spread on several bones. I started with degarelix and I am waiting to review my PSA before to start my chemotherapy.

        I hope I can reduce my PSA (277) to near cero. Also I try to be active and reduce my weight to care my bones.

  • They put me on Abiraterone and Prednisolone to go with the Degarelix and it seems to have worked well