Proste cancer, hormone injection

Hello there I'm Trevor I have prostate cancer in remission after 3 years of hormone injection, brycatherape and a course of 25 radiotherapy. Just had my last hormone injection as have been on them 3 years I think that's the max. My cancer was aggressive and had a gleason score of 10, anyone out there had hormone injections for 3 years how did you feel with them?

  • Hi Trevor. I was diagnosed as Gleason 4+5=9 in 2018 and had 20 sessions of RT in early 2019. I get my last Prostap injection next week after three years. I had hot flushes from the HT but they are well controlled by Sage Leaf capsules and Evening Primrose Oil twice a day. I occasionally need to take an extra homeopathic treatment of Sepia Officianalis (Cuttlefish ink) which is really good.

    Otherwise I am very fit, swimming over 2km per week and rowing as often as possible. I'm coming up to my 74th birthday in a few weeks and hope to see a good few more yet.

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  • Hi Shamus 47

    I'm new to this group, looking for information for my husband who's diagnosis is exactly the same as yours. Thank you for sharing your profile is so informative. He is having hot flushes.  He also has enlarged kidneys, we don't know yet how much the PC is related, at the moment he has catheters in both kidneys and a penile catheter.

    He is 73 and like yourself has always been active, reading your 'story' has been a great help to both of us.

    Thank you for sharing 


  • Hi there difficult time when you first hear you have it, I had no symptoms at all the only way I found out was my wife watching the news about people being tested, my wife thought I was at an age to be tested and I agreed. My test came back psa 11 and I was then told it was aggressive and a gleason score of 10 that's all the bad bits. I then got told straight away hormone injection which I have found the hardest, 23 radiotherapy treatments of which I found ok, I was offered bracutheray which I had at brighton hospital that frightened me when you read what they do. But it was painless and I had 3 lovely nurses looking after me all day. 3 years down the line my cancer has always been in remission, my psa is now 0 and they are very please with me I have finished my hormone injections and have been told hot flushes will stop can't wait for that to happen. I know it's a difficult time for you I hope this has helped a bit more  I'm here if you need me anytime a saying I have been saying since I got it onwards and upwards anytime all the best

    Trevor 54

  • Hi Casey. Good luck with your husband's treatment. I hope he gets those catheters out soon. Please ask if you need any help as someone here will certainly have been through the same problem.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.
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  • Sorry that should be Camsey. Auto-correct strikes again!

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.
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  • Thanks for that Trevor 54

    My husband had no symptoms either..... I made him go to get his blood pressure checked because he'd had a few headaches... his PSA was 375 and his kidney function was 27... then all hell let loose.

    So glad I signed up to this site reading of others experiences is a great help.

    Thanks again Camsey

  • Thank you Trevor.. Reading experiences like yours gives those of us at the start of the journey hope for the future.  

  • hi Trevor my husband is one year diagnosed.  He had surgery to remove the entire prost on Dec 2020.  He has stage IVA … Aggressive cancer and has had hormone Lupron shots and radiation therapy.  Your story is very inspiration and gives us so much hope. Thank you for sharing it and we pray you say in remission indefinitely. 

  • Hi

    I have a Gleason score of 9/10 and was put on prostap for life, no time limit been on it for over four years, so cannot understand why they gave a time limit to you, as if your like me, it’s incurable ? 
    stay safe