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Hubby diagnosed stage 4 in Nov 2021, PSA now 1300, are we nearing the end? Do I stay off work sick to ensure I can be around???

  • Hi Misses O, and a warm welcome to the forum though so sorry you have to be here and the reason why. To be able to give you an answer it would help us if you could give us a little more information, regarding Gleason score and TNM staging, his treatments and any spread of his cancer, I am also stage 4 and understand your PSA number so long after diagnosis is not a good sign, please take care.

    Eddie xx

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    A warm welcome from another wife whose husband is also stage 4 and going through the cycles of recurrence with him. I am afraid I cannot help with knowing whether you are nearing the end but am obviously concerned about what to look out for so please keep in touch as I know that we have at least one member who has experience with cancer patients. My only suggestion is to speak to your doctor or local hospice to get more information as they can assess your husband's current state of health and better inform you on timescales and what to expect. Don't be afraid to to express your emotions on here as there are many sympathetic and listening ears and also remember that there is help available for you as well. Macmillan do have a support line and they might be able to give you more personalised advice. You can ring them on 0808 808 00 00

  • My thoughts are with you also, my partner has just turned 54 and unfortunately carries the BRCA gene which we were unaware of. May I ask if you are working?

  • No, I was lucky to retire from work many years ago.

    There are some treatments available which specifically target BRCA cancer gene. As Eddie said, if you can put your husband's TNM, other stats and treatment so far on your profile then this might help us to give more targeted information.

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    A warm welcome to the Macmillan online Prostate Community, although I am so sorry to find you here in these circumstances.

    As  &  have said if you can add details of Hubby's journey to your profile we will be better placed to help you,

    To do this on your home page go to the chair - top right, then "Profile" and then "Edit". once you have written his details don't forget to press "save".

    The more details the better, this will enable me to see what extra help I can organise for you.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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