Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

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Ive got to say although the above subject is quite personal it has to be one of the main thoughts during diagnosis. I found this excellent resource on line from the Movember Organisation that is quite frank and very informative.

Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for that link - I have been there before but it's a cracking resource for other Community members so thanks for posting.

    Below is a link to a thread in the Cancer Chat forum about the same subject - one or two of us have posted on it and it's interesting reading - we are all very open about where we stand (or notGrimacing).

     Sex and cancer - Let's talk 

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thanks Millibob, lots of information and valuable first hand experiences. Thumbsup

  • Hi Psticks I am glad you found the, sex and cancer - let's talk thread helpful, doing my post on it, I really opened up, like i seldom used to do, and in doing so it helped me through a difficult time. and i like to think helped me with my prognosis.