New here just about to start treatment

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Afternoon all .

Newbie as such , all my stats info etc in on my profile .

Seems a bit daft but on here asking if i have missed anything in what i am being offered or agreeing to. Not being or wanting to be an expert but stumbling along as we go .

Was pointed here via the local Macmillan nurses at St Marys hospital , and have to say reading all the posts gives a great deal of comfort to anybody starting this journey so thank you to all that post on here .

Basically I start my radiation therapy in 2 weeks time , I have been very fortunate that my only side affect so far are a few hot flushes at nightime( not every day) and the need for visit toilet around 3 to 4 am . Did not even know i had prostate cancer until i went for a free local PSA test (never had any symptoms).

As i live on the Isle of Wight my radiation therapy is at Portsmouth QA hospital so i get the dubious pleasure of a hovercraft ride every morning to the mainland for treatment glad its the summer and not the winter months.

Sorry if it seems a trival question but a little reassurance that i have not overlooked anything

many thanks
  • Evening Ianginger best off luck ,as you say that hovercraft ride in the morning will keep you occupied and you’ll sail through it Stuck out tongue winking eyexx

  • Hello Ian (  

    A warm welcome to the Macmillan online Prostate Community - I am so sorry to find you here but we are a decent bunch.

    No I can't say you have missed anything - all is good. A few suggestions if I may.

    * I am on HT for 3 years (had my last injection earlier this month Grin!). My team prescribed Calcium and Vitamin D tablets as the HT causes bone thinning - if your are not on them check this out with your team.

    * My personal cure for Hot Flushes is sage Tablets - the work for me but not everybody.

    * As you are travelling some distance for your RT make sure you know where all the toilets are as sometimes the need to "go" after RT is greater than normal.

    * Check your diet for the RT (you may have been advised at the planning scan) - Nothing that gives you "wind", no beans, pulses, green leaf veg, Alcohol, fizzy drinks etc.

    I hope the above helps. the Radiologists are amazing and if you have any issues or notice any changes to your bodily functions just let them know.

    If I can do anything else for you just give me a shout.

    Welcome again and best wishes - Brian.

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  • Hi Ianginger.

    Good evening it's great to meet you today sorry that it's under these circumstances my friend.

    You are in good company as there are many members who like me "have the t-shirt"

    Yes I have done the hovercraft a few years ago as I spent 3mnts having Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Portsmouth.

    By the looks of things you have got everything under control but please please ask as many questions as you require???

    Prostate Worrier.

  • Hi  , think the others have covered most points.  If you are already tattooed up, then that is the hardest part (apart from the amazing repetitive cycle each day).  Ask any questions.  Best wishes, David

  • Hi Robert1

    Lets hope so, i'll keep people posted .From reading not sure if they want empty bladder ,full bladder etc every where seems different . Sure to find out soon thanks

  • Thank you Brian will certainly try the sage tablets , and check out the calcium and vitamin D with them when I meet up keep you posted


  • Thank you Prostate Warrior knowing there are so many people with sound advice brings a lot of comfort


  • Thank you for replying certain something will baffle me so more to follow thanks


  • Hi Ianginger.

    No probs my friend please please come back to me if you need any further help/support????

    Prostate Worrier.

  • Hi Ianginger,  I am the wife of a recent diagnosed of prostrate cancer . I find these extraordinary people on here  so helpful . Best wishes