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Has anyone had diabetes brought on by the steroids,  my husband has been asked several time if he is a diabetic, his going for a blood test next week along with his pre chemo check. We had noticed he was going to the toilet more and drinking abit more but we didn't connect it until the hospital visit last week.

He was also  found to have neutropenia and he has been injecting himself with filgrastim last one tonight apart from a few aches and pains he has been find so far.

2nd round of chem next week fingers crossed.

  • I am diabetic but it was not brought on by steroids
    I've been type 2 for 30+ years
    I questioned why the steroids they give you before chemo raised your blood sugar and a friend of mine that is a nurse told me that a lot of body builders that take steroids end up being diabetic as they mess your body up

    I was only told to take them 1 day before the treatment as it had a massive effect on my blood sugar

  • hi 

    i wasn't diabetic till i'd been on the hormone treatment for a few years !! 

  • I’m type 2 and it was actually the diabetic nurse that noticed my bloods weren’t right and took a PSA test I’m forever grateful,and when I Finnish my treatment I’m going to get her chocolate and flowers Robert

  • Hello  

    I understand both steroids and hormone therapy can increase your HBA1C and push you towards diabetes.

    I have to watch my blood sugar levels now I am on hormone therapy and indeed they have risen.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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