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Awaiting the appointment to arrive for a PET scan required by my Oncologist due to increasing PSA levels following a robotic radical prostectomy in 2022. He is trying to establish just where the cells are, hopefully in the Prostate bed. A further appointment has already been confirmed. Worried the 'Dark Lord' maybe setting up camp in some other part of my anatomy. Apparently the PET scan he has requested has only been available for the past 2 years.

  • Hi AH absolutely nothing wrong with studying, love doing it myself though not everything sticks like it used to, great to hear hubby is doing so well. My wedding to Sheila may have to be postponed, we are still in love and absolutely NOT splitting up, though i may be getting married to someone else, should know more in a couple of weeks. Got some hospital records recently a part of my RT April 2023 was for mesorectal lymph node pre-treatment, didn't have a clue, never mentioned once. A trip to PALS i think. please give your friends my best wishes and congratulations, that's fab. take care.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi AH, received part of my MDT notes yesterday and a little confused, "no change there then" there was a paragraph. Eddie has completed a course of radical radiotherapy to prostate and pelvic lymph nodes, he also had a MESORECTAL LYMPH NODE PRE TREATHENT which he had treatment to. I'm stumped. 


  • Hi  .

    I think this may be to do with your initial diagnosis of prostate cancer with spread to the bowels. If they think that bowel surgery may be necessary then the enlarged lymph nodes in the mesorectal space are zapped first, hence pre treatment. During your first lot of diagnostic tests they will be trying to pin down whether you had prostate cancer with mets to other parts of the body or whether you had a separate cancer in which case a different treatment strategy would be needed. Don't forget, I am not medically trained but I am sure you will ask the question of the experts and let us know the outcome.

  • Thank you AH, all makes sense now, I did have a rectal tumour, unrelated to my PCa and thankfully benign removed, I will see my LCN Wednesday at urology appointment, It would have been nice to have been told about this before, though not the first time information has not been forthcoming I was told about pelvic iliac nodes left +right and peri rectal nodes so why not mesorectal's, best wishes to you both.

    Eddie xx

  • You probably had so much going on whilst you were getting your initial diagnosis that this one possibly got missed out or they didn't want to scare you shirtless - if you'll excuse the pun.

  • Hi AW, definitely no mention, not even in my hospital notes which are up to November 2023, which by the way have revealed many things I was never told about, though as they were redacted have applied for full and unedited copies, will be shirtless on Wednesday, having a cystoscopy, not my first, and a colonoscopy, my first, alwayshope i would have the pleasure one day, NOT.

    Eddie xx

  • and a colonoscopy, my first, alwayshope i would have the pleasure one day, NOT.

    They are amazing - ask if you can watch - it's the best TV show ever!!

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Thank's Brian, watched my last cystoscopy on TV, not a pretty sight though hopefully Wednesday' will show improvement. Will try and watch colonoscopy, just hoping as I'm not having anaesthetic I can see it through my watering  eyes LOL, hope your having a great time in Turkey, take care.


  • What is wrong with you guys, why do you want to watch it on the screen? I had multiple colonoscopy and always opted for the anesthetic. One time the anesthetic did not work and it was painful, I mean real painful. I also had multiple angiogram to my head 10 years ago when I had my brain injury. This done without anesthetic and they suggested that I watch it. I opened my eyes and all the screens were so scary so I shut them right back and did mental yoga.

    Honestly guys, men are from a different planet.

    Eddie, the good thing they can tell you immediately after the procedure if any polyp found.

    Good luck for Wednesday!

    Lots of love


  • Thank's Dafna, I would love anaesthetic but the risks of taking it don't outweigh putting up with a little pain. Though thank you for your description, "It was painful, I mean real painful," that is such a comfort. Don't tell Brian but i think my mind will be elsewhere during the procedure, which one of the girls at Maggie's, who has done hundreds has explained everything to me. Seriously Dafna I have done many things without anaesthetic and i am pretty good at coping with pain and if i can i will watch it on the screen, hope you and Jacob have a lovely day, take care

    Eddie xx