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I was Diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2019 and after test they found it had spread locally.My PSA was 112at the start was put on Bicalutamide for two months and then

Zoladex,whick i am having every 12 weeks.Over time my PSA has droped to 0.14.I have a Blood test for PSA this week as I have not had one for two years,should be every year.

I was told by my Nurse that Zoladex is one of the best treatment there is for Prostate problems.So if any one is on this,hang on it is very good.

So it is now three years since being diagnosed and do not feel any different so treatment seems to be working,fingers crossed.(iam now 79).One thing with Zoladex you can feel

 depressed sometimes but it does wear off. Best of Luck to you all with Prostate problems..Drugs are so good now days. xx


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    Thanks very much for taking the time to tell everyone here about your success with Zoladex and I hope all goes well with your blood test.


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  • Thank you very much for sharing this. My close friend that I am supporting started on Xoladex 2 months ago and his PSA has dropped from 159 to 132. Can I please ask what stage you were diagnosed at and what your Gleason score was? My friend has Advanced stage 4 Prostate Cancer with a Gleason score of 7 (4 +3).