Spinal cord compression

My husband has advanced Pca, has been through chemo (twice), enzalutamide, and now MSSC. In hospital awaiting urgent radiotherapy. Finding it very hard to help him as still on assessment ward  at general hospital, doctors rarely around to discuss. Any thoughts on ways forward? 

  • Hi Happy Camper

    I was initially diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and MSCC at T9, I was lucky in the day after diagnosis I was given the emergency radiotherapy to my spine. The oncologist also started me on daily Abiraterone and Prednisolone tablets and monthly Degralix injections.

    You just have to do things when you can also be patient when he gets days he does not feel like doing anything. He may find the MSCC has damaged the nerves and bone so, as is my case, will have some pain all the time, this can be managed and he will get used to it being there.

    All the best for the future


  • Thanks for sharing Keith, very helpful. He’s booked in for emergency radiotherapy in Oxford today which is encouraging. Hope you are doing ok on this roller coaster ride.