Rising PSA


As per previous posts (T3 N1 M0 ) i had a further PSA test and they have confirmed it has risen again to 4.9 ( on hormone treatment since January a which dropped from 88 to 9.2 then 2.6 an now over 3/4 weeks its risen to 3.5 and now 4.9)

They have checked my testosterone level and its at 1 which they say is good and kidney test is also fine ?????

My urologist says she has heard of the PSA going up after being on hormone treatment but not that often so i will have to wait till this Friday 20th may as i have an appointment with the RT team to discuss my treatment ( which i thought you had to wait till PSA was at 1 or lower before RT starts ??) but if its rising i ,don't know what happens now ???

Any ones advice/support would be much appreciated



  • Hi Grigor

    I don't think that PSA has to be 1 or lower to start RT but could be wrong.

    I presume the only treatment u have had so far is HT, normally this works for some considerable time but looks like has faltered in your case. Hopefully will be clearer on your next appointment, let us know what they say,

    good luck