Hi Having been recently diagnosed with Prostate cancer early stage confined to the prostate I have been offered Brachy or removal.

I am thinking going brachy and has any on the group had this. What side effects can expect?

My prostate  is enlarged consequently weeing at night keeps me busy.,  my flow is a trickle but the urge to go is hourly. During the day its almost normal.

Does Brachy result in the prostate reducing and allow a better flow. Or does it just kills the cancer but not reduce the prostate ?

What can I expect


  •  Hi  and welcome to the Macmillan Online Community although sorry that you needed to find us and especially sorry to hear about your Prostate cancer diagnosis. Any cancer diagnosis brings many questions, confusion and lots of stress but talking with other people who are walking the same type of journey will help you navigate this rollercoaster. I see you've joined the Prostate cancer where you will find others making the same journey.

    I obviously have a different cancer to you! But I can offer some advice as my husband developed Prostate cancer in 2013. His PSA gradually increased from 6 to 12 so was referred by his GP. As it was contained he was offered Brachytherapy, three weeks of daily treatment. He had no side effects from the Brachytherapy, nor the hormone jabs he had before treatment started. I would mention that he'd never had problems with flow, either before or after. He had a 6 monthly check-up for 5 years with his Oncologist and was discharged back to his GP in 2018 still having a 6 monthly blood test. His PSA is 0.19 (as at last week!)

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  • Hi

    I can't comment on the brachy however I was given Tamulosin to help with my urine flow. It worked very well .Might be worth a chat with your medical team



    Trying to get fit again!
  • Hello.  I'm in a similar position to you, in that my disease is also early-stage and Brachytherapy has also been recommended to me.  I have similar questions to you too, though I've just entered a period of active surveillance during which allows plenty of time to get all of the questions asked.  I suspect many more will occur during the dead of the night.  My preference is for low dose Brachytherapy but it's not offered locally (Bristol) so I've been referred to Oxford.  Subject to a flow-test to confirm suitability, whenever the understandably belaboured NSH can fit it in, I'm good to go.  Again, like you, I have virtually no issues during the daytime, and nighttime pees average out at 1-2 per night, subject to how much medicinal pinot noir has been taken.

  • Hi Syrone. As scampidoodle says Tamsulosin will help with the flow. However, I recommend that you give up alcohol and caffeine totally until you have sorted out the nocturia problem. On the advice of my oncology nurse consultant, I stopped both when I started HT nearly three years ago and have only had three Xmas day drinks since. I do drink coffee again now but only at breakfast time.

    I also drink a lot in the morning, a little in the afternoon and nothing at all after 6pm. I still get plenty of hydration but it is biased towards the early part of the day.

    Good luck with your treatment.

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  • I suppose the post code lottery kicks in.

    Here in Canterbury the service is amazing. I had an appointment with Mr Kommu A top man in this field,  it was over 30 minutes of being like being offered this amazing robot system to remove the prostate and after effects which are incontinence for a few weeks which would subside and heal itself with pelvic exercises. Very impressive, I couldn`t imagine that private treatment would be any different.

    I will next meet up with the Brachy consultant ( waiting for appointment). Then a choice.??

  • Yes I also have stopped caffeine and after a week am sleeping better ,good luck