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Hi all, 

Hope fully I'm at the end of my treatment which started 2012, with a stage 2 diagnosis so a Gland sectomy circumcision and skin graft. All sorted until 2016 when more lumps appeared so back into Surgery head of my tool was removed. All sorted again until 2019 when it came back as a stage 3 canner, this time I've under gone a partial removed of my buddy (75%) and 2 Lymphoids removed from my groin area one from each side. I consider myself very lucky to have had three operation at three different hospitals though the Covid pandemic but it's over now,  my final operation was in September 2020.

So I have had 18months of 3 monthly scans (all clear) so moving to 6 monthly scans next month (July 2022). It's been a journey but fingers crossed we are all most there just got to get my head around what has happen and what I'm left with. My life I know that but it has to change now which is hard to redefine in my head. I talk about it openly to everybody  when it comes up in conversations which helps but to be able to talk to people that have had the same problem would help.

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    In terms of penile cancer, sorry I do not match but noted that nobody had picked this up and noted this group is not one of our most active.

    It is my wife who has cancer and we are both quite open about that, you are so right it can help.

    I do have the pleasure of a benign enlarged prostate and due to litchen scolorois had to have a circucision - absolutely nothing to what you have gone through of course.

    My wife's cancer has become stable and she has been in that happy state for about 6 years now. She also went from 3 month to 6 month scans but she is doing so well the oncology team is now saying they might discharge her to the care of our GP.



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  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the contact, I'm really happy for your wife and hope she gets that "all clear" diagnosis soon. The relief for you and the family Family I trust will reset your lives moving forward. 

    I sympathise with your large prostrate, as it is one of the symptoms I also have to live with. I trust you have got your medication sorted, it's a minefield I'm still trying to get it right which is very tricky due to my cancer meds but we are getting better. My aim is to get rid of these pads. Fingers crossed.

    I'm good trying to exercise regularly to help reduce the water retention in my lower legs and to stay as health as I can for my longer suffering wife and family.

     Stay focused.

    Cheers MASO65