Ampullary cancer


In February of this year I was taken into hospital with gallbladder problems. With all the scans and a stence fitted. There discovered ampullary cancer. The cancer was in a place I was told was could be operated on to remove the cancer. With further scans. It was also discovered I had a problem with with my breast showing a shadow. 5yrs ago I had a double mastectomy. When the biopsy was taken from my breast it turned out to be mastatic cancer and had spread in different parts of my body. I also had a biopsy on my lung. That too came back as mastatic cancer. So the option of an operation was taken away. The cancer had no cure just due to start chemo soon using the Hickman line over 3 months. after a long drawn out explanation. My question is there anyone been through this. Is chemo worth a try or just too let everything take its course. I would appreciate any information please. X

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    I'm sorry to hear what has been happening.

    You ask whether chemo is worth a try or whether to let everything take its course. I doubt if there is anyone who can answer this question because different people will have different views. In general, too, the oncologist will expect you to make your own decision. I think you need to weigh up the quality of life you might get in relation to quantity and that's difficult too because chemo has different effects on different people both in containing cancer and in side effects. You might find it helpful to have a chat with the nurses on Pancreatic Cancer UK. They are very good. Just have a look at the website.


  • Hi Squeaky.

    Thank you for your reply. I will take a look at that web page.