Hello from a new member!

Hi. I'm Hamish. In April 2020 i went into Hospital to have my Pancreas removed (plus my spleen and other bits and bobs), they then found out that i had cancer in my pancreas so i went on Chemo, which was horrible. its been just over a year since chemo ended and the last 6 months have been the hospital investigating things they find in my scans. its all very tiring. it would be able to connect with people who are in a similar situation, or not and who fancy a chat. we can support each other through this!

  • Hi Hamish, I know how you feel. I was diadnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in MApril 2021 and had an intensive course of chemotherapy. Did you have a pic fitted? it saves an awful lot of canulas in the arm! I also had a chemo pump fitted at the end of each session that had to stay on for two days (in bed, in the shower etc). In January this year I had 28 sessions of radiotherapy plus chemo pills. One session a day at the hospital. This has given me a fantastic year of good quality of life, except for the chemo side effects. The Macmillan nurses and facilities have been fantastic.

    Keep your spirits up.