My dads cancer .. what should I be expecting


My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 late November and started chemo in January and managed 5 sessions (Folfirax) before a few infections set in - he’s been in and out of hospital with suspected gall bladder infections so they moved him on to tablet form.  He didn’t do well on these and been off for a number of weeks now and his latest scan shows increasing cancer in the peritoneum.   He’s experiencing abdomen pain and very bloated with fluids.  He is in hospital at the moment getting all sorts of tests and X-rays as his potassium levels have risen as well.  Not really getting told much so resorting to google which I know I shouldn’t.  Is this just part of the symptoms that we need to manage going forward.  I am finding it hard to get any answers and he’s not reaching out for support which I am trying push him to get. Thanks 

  • Hello Jess247

    I am sorry to hear of your dad's situation. I've been around PC forums for a number of years and one thing I have learned is that PC progresses in different ways in different people. That's why google isn't too helpful. 

    The medics probably aren't saying much for this reason in that they are waiting to see what is happening  and thus all the tests and x-rays.

    The fluid build up may well be ascites which is common in advanced PC.

    Turning now to your dad's reluctance to seek support I know how frustrating this can be. the thing is, though, that it is your dad who is ill and hard though it is, my experience is to let the patient deal with this in the way they want to.

    I hope you do get some answers soon.