my husband passed away 19 momths ago without his compensation being finished . so i am carrying on .my solicitor as just informed me that if we win his caze i will have to pay back all the attendant allowance i knew we would have to pay back the lump sum awarded to him but i am unsure about the attendance allowance . can someone answer my question please  thankyou carol 

  • Hi Carol and welcome to this corner of the Community although I am always sorry to see folks joining us.

    I hope you don't mind me dropping in past, I am Mike and I help out around the Community. I don't have Mesothelioma but was diagnosed with Asbestosis back in 2012 but it is stable at the moment. My cancer is actually a rare Skin Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma first diagnosed back in 1999.

    This is an important question you are asking so could i suggest you either call the Macmillan Support Line is open 8am-8pm (timings may differ across services) 7 days a week on 0808 808 00 00 and talk with our Benefits & Financial guidance team........ or post your question to our Benefits & Financial guidance team in our Ask an Expert section but do allow a few working days for a reply.

    I did eventually get compensation from two of my past employers but was not on any benefits at the time ((hugs))

    Mike - Thehighlander

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