Small cell

Hi are there any small cell lung cancer patients in the group, feeling so alone here on the Wirral, I go to Clatterbridge cancer centre wirral I'm on 2nd line Topotecan anyone else on this treatment. 

  • Hi teddysmate, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here. I have a different lung cancer to you, but I am happy to chat at any time. 

    I am sorry you haven't had a reply before now, there has been alot of posts in the lung group this week, and sometimes posts get pushed along. By me replying here your post will be bumped to the top, and hopefully others will come along and welcome you as well. xx 


    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou
  • Hi teddymates 

    I have NSCLC so different to your cancer but I’m happy to chat anytime. Hugs

    Donna xx

  • HI Hamha

    Yes it would be nice to chat many thanks 

  • Sorry to hear your feeling so alone Teddysmates.  I have no idea at the moment which type I am other than being told its inoperable and  has spread to my bones.  Biopsy and radiotherapy due to happen next week..

     But,  like the others, I'm also more than happy to chat.

    You're not alone while you have us. X

  • Hi Harebelle Your just beginning on this rocky road, I do hope that it's not to bad for you and your radiotherapy goes well, have you been marked up yet x

  • Hi Donna

    Thanks for replying will be nice to chat with you, how long have you been diagnosed x

  • Hi teddysmates

    i was diagnosed December 2021, my cancer is inoperable but it can be treated. I’ve had 4 cycles of aggressive chemotherapy and immunotherapy my last ct scan showed there had been improvement so I’m hoping for positive news at my next scan. I am continuing my treatment over the next couple of years with immunotherapy treatment every 3 weeks. I have to say at the beginning of my journey I was confused and emotional, however  with the support of people on this site and my MDT I have managed to sort out my head, I see chelle had messaged you she is one of the people in this forum that supported me at the beginning of my journey and when I have a down day continues to support and give great advice, so you don’t need to feel alone, we are all here for the same reason and we can all listen and support you. 

    be kind to yourself and if you need to get something off your chest here is a good place to do it, no one will judge you you will only ever get support.

    please keep in touch and let me know how your treatment professes or if you just want a rant or a chat about the roses anything that’s helps you to feel better really, like you I felt very alone in the beginning even though I had plenty of people round me.

    hugs and take care


  • Hi, i have sclc the same as you. I was diagnosed 13 months ago, had chemo and radiotherapy, this has shrunk the tumour, so given me more precious time. I am happy to chat and help with any questions you may have, or just a friend to share 

    • Hi Maxxie Thank you for getting back to me, yes it would good to chat with you I don't know  many people with our cancer, I hope your well, I'm on 2 nd line not sure how I'm doing really, without scans it's so hard to know, I thought I was doing OK after first round of carboplantain and etoposide, they said I was in remission but only for a few weeks well talk soon take care of you Cath 
  • Teddysmates, 

    Yes I was marked up last week and have had 3 lots of radiotherapy with 2 more to go.  They wanted to get the radiotherapy started ASAP as I've been in so much pain.

    Have  also had my bone biopsy.

    I will likely find out in the coming week which lung cancer type I have  so I expect I will have a treatment plan.

    Don't know ow how I will cope mentally if they say I'm too far gone znd there's to be no treatment plan for me.  I'm sure that must happen to some people  .But I'm trying to remain positive. 

    How are you doing at the moment?