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Hi and hello to you all 

my daughter 32 has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently going through Radiotherapy treatment she was diagnosed in 2018 with bowl cancer and after chemo /Radiotherapy and operations we are now stable with the Bowl . The diagnosis for lung cancer has shot me to pieces . We are extremely close and I keep her upbeat everyday but I’m so scared for her as everyone else on here I’m just looking for advice and support as this time around the radiotherapy is so much harsher on her and it’s so heartbreaking to watch her go through all this with the horrible side effects . Just looking for guidance and support from all you lovely people 

  • Hi Moola1

    Hello and sorry to hear about your daughter there is no rhyme or reason to any of ‘this’

    i Have no magic wand for us all I only wish I had...... it it heartbreaking to see a loved one in so much pain but they are all fighters

    my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 days before Christmas......a bolt out of the blue

    he has his second immunotherapy treatment next Tuesday......... 

    cliches like journey process or even roller coaster are words that make us all cringe....... all I can say is hang on in there, yes I crumble big time and ‘joined’ here just a week ago folk on here really do know what we are going through and that in a strange way does help me

    we are all in the same boat and yes feel quilty  cos we need support  but our loved ones need it more......

    Your take care and keep in touch

    Life is definitely a  Bitch!


  • Hi Bess thank you so much for your supportive message . It’s so lifting to speak with people that are on this awful Journey . How is your husband doing on his treatment ? My daughter is a strong girl but the treatment this time around has been so much harsher for her . I’m as strong as an ox around her but crumble when I’m not it’s so scary . It’s a journey that is so tough. But we have to go through the tough and March on to get to the good . Keep strong lovely I’m sure your husband will smash it just like my daughter. 
    sending Hugs to you Both 

    sue x

  • Hi Sue

    Thank you for your reply  and hugs .....such an uplifting message....... just when I needed it!

    Hubby .... Paul sailed through  ( immunotherapy) his first 10 days.... he has treatment every three weeks, anyway on the 11 th day bang..... every side effect in the text book hit him...... he’s obviously down in the dumps why wouldn’t he be with all the suffering and I’ve just joined him...

    feeling sorry for myself I know but seeing a fit healthy hard working bloke just crumble makes me join him..... but however ‘bad’ it is it’s not as bad as chemotherapy which we are both pleased he isn’t having

    Anyway in touch with treatment centre all the time and they are keeping us right..... nothing to worry about . As you say go through the tough and march on to the good

    see his consultant Monday 2nd treatment Fingers crossedFingers crossedTuesday. I bought a diary especially for Paul and I write in it irate daily so when the consultant asks how it’s been I can tell him exactly ..... what day this was and what day that was so he can build an accurate picture to hopefully make the next 3 weeks easier.

    i like you are as strong as an ox...... in life really.... but believe you me this has certainly tested my strength  to be honest I’m never far away from tears I just hide them well( well sometimes!) Better at this infront of Paul but go for a walk alone and I cry for England

    This community has helped me..... in the fact everyone is going through the same and they just  ‘get’ what we are saying and how we are feeling.

    chin up Sue take care of yourself and just remember we are always here

    Sending big big hugs to you and your daughter

    love Bessx’ 

  • hi Sue

    forgot to say a non smoker!

    Bess x

  • The diary is a good idea... My husband was given a really good diary /booklet and he has to tick boxes with numbers 1 to 5 describing how he feels etc.... He has been  OK...good luck. Oh he is on triple therapy..... 

  • Hi Bess 

    Thank you for the Diary idea may I ask where did you purchase this diary ? 
    sorry for asking but could you explain the Triple therapy. 
    hope your day has been a good day 

    sue x 

  • His nurse gave it to him when he had his first treatment.... He has 2 kinds of chemotherapy... Plus immunotherapy... (he only had 1 so far)... He is stage 4.....and the oncologist is hoping to shrink his tumour.....not very knowledgeable... Still in shock to be honest as he was symptom free...... 

  • Also want to say... I do sincerely hope all goes well for your daughter

  • You too my darling we will keep pushing through the bad days to get to the good again 

    sue x