Lung cancer,bone and lymph

Hi am feeling a bit down today due 2nd chemo and immunotherapy  on 1st Dec but have felt awful for the last two weeks not sure if I want to go ahead as it is incurable anyway 

  • Dont give up I was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc  and lymph nodes and told I am incurable in May 2018 I am stable at the moment I was on keytruda for 2 years.




  • Hi sharone3762 iv just read your post I am stage 4 nsclc and lymph nodes and told I am incurable I was diagnosed in July I am on keytruda every 3 weeks i have had no side affects just wondering if you had any.  Lj56

  • Hi Little She 

    read your post and my heart went out to you and I send you a big hug

    We all get days like you’ve described, but please don’t give up. I was diagnosed with stage one(mixed type ) lung cancer, When it spread to my other lung, i was diagnosed as stage four, treatable but not curable. I took immunotherapy for 14 months and I am now NED. Yes there were problems along the way, days when I felt like giving up but it was all worth it to get where I am and you can get there to. You will have good and bad days but please don’t loose faith. 

    ‘If you can’t fly, run.if you can’t run walk. If you can’t walk crawl: but by all means keep moving ( Martin Luther King) 

  • Hi Marie1964

    what is it NED? What’s kind of this treatment?



  • Hi Vseng23134

    NED means no evidence of any disease- your not considered cured, just no evidence of cancer can be detected

    take care


  • Bless its hard struggle I'm same I'm 51 terminal lung cancer which has spread incurable but it's just a new adjustment to a new journey on life my hardest part is not been able to work and getting use to being at home had a set back sometimes really down but more up than downs had chemos a week last Monday my joints ache my emotions were like a rollcoster as been on high dose of steroids due to side effect everyone's journey different I'm looking forward to going get a Xmas tree comtable warm lights on lovely hope you feel more better soon xxxxx

  • Hi first time on here

    Don't give up 

    4 years ago I was told I had 3 to 6 months I had stage 4 lung I have done immunotherapy for 18 months now last week a pet scan  reported no active cancer in my body 

    This has came as a shock I have had every side affect there was and will be on a box of meds for the rest of my life and I no longer have a proprietary gland this makes all hormones in body 

    But all I can say is I now have a life ahead of me so all worth it 

    Immunotherapy has aloud me to not only meet my granddaughter born 6 months ago but maybe see her grow to have her own children one day find the thing to live for and keep fighting for it x

    Best of luck 


  • Lots but it works xxxxx 

    I am now living with them but I am now NED 

    So hopefully living with them for a long time to come xx

  • Always hope. I was diagnosed in January with lung, kidney and bone cancer stage 4. Started immunotherapy and also had all the side effects and on more tables than food but immunotherapy keeping it undercontrol for now and shrinking it abit too. Got to stY positive or it can really get you down. 

  • So true I now on 38 different meds a day funny 

    But all worth it I now clear have to complete the 2 years treatment but all cancer dead

    Hope is the best we got