chest pain

hi may i ask if anyone with lung cancer (women ) preferably have had a pain just under there breast lines part of tummy which also can be painful towards the back area too. my mums having these pains basically its the only pains suffered from the start of cancer and no real diagnosis as to what causing it as such. she was given pain meds the effervessant type which do relieve it but bit by bit the pain relief is increasing still within recommended dosage but she doesnt want to become reliant on pain killers if thatmakes sense. she had radiotherapy months ago now which apparently did shrink the size of tumour although she wasnt given the new measurments just a visual on a computer screen which isnt really the best way to diagnose i dont believe. 

  • Hi 2021 wtf,

    I have stage 4, NSCLC, two tumours and the top of my left lung has collapsed.  I have finished 4 chemotherapy, 21 days apart, five weeks rest, then thirteen days of radiotherapy,  which is now completed, which is palative treatment.

    I get pain under my left breast, if I take a deep breath,  yawn, or it just happens now and then.Think this is more due to the collapse.

    I also haven't had an easy journey with my doctor or consultant,  found it hard, was almost dismissed,  and had to fight to be given a chance, to receive treatment. As for correspondence,  my GP has had more information and letters than myself. I know they must see soooooo many people, with Cancer, but that is no excuse, they should still be able to show empathy and compassion.

    I have Dougie Mac on board, and they are fantastic, I am able to raise any concerns,  or side effects of treatments. They contacted my GP, and got better pain relief for me. Then phone me every other week, and I can contact them any time.

    Hope your Mum, gets things sorted.

    This journey is hard, and the waiting i also find the hardest, between scans and appointments,  grrrrrrrr, I want answers now. But it is what it is.

    One day at a time. Take care.

    Debs x

  • thank you so much for the reply, glad so to speak that there are others that are also not being updated only for the fact that i was wondering if it wasme being demanding in regards to wanting the info. what is dougie mac is that a hospice if so the cns put my mums name over to st christophers but if honest and with respect i found them at this stage pointless although i know they were fantastic when my grandad had to be booked in. im sorry to also hear that you had troubles with docs etc. it does make you wonder when docs get more info than the patient if there is something there not telling you doesnt it. quite shocking really when your in these situations just how many cracks the departments have and i agree the empathy thing is total poo. she had her treatment at a guys cancer unit away from guys in london and the whole experience for myself as the carer and son and her treatment was absolutely beautiful the staff sent proper appointments and detailed the entire journey she faced. the staff were unbelievable to the point that when her radiotherapy came to an end the farewells from us and them were tearful. felt like saying bye to family thats how good they were. sod it may as well say it was guys at queen marys hospital sidcup. mum would prefer to continue the consultancy there as its closer than guys inlondon for us yet oddly enough the guys london consultants could NOT refer her there which i found very weird or again did he actually want to put himself out. i know its harrible even thinking that way but you speak as you find. also if youve been told a tumour has shrunken shouldnt the new measurements be in writing merely so you can see how much its shrunk rather than a stupid visual on screen and the consultant merely stating oh as you can see its got smaller. if ive discussed this with a friend they get addamant that surely the patient should have details. even for there own peace of mind. i really dont know debs what to say to you in regards to the palitive part its so sad lets hope theres a drug or something in the pipelines just waiting to be granted for public use for you. hope your ok so to speak though regardless of your situation. thank you once again for taking the time to reply to me i truly value anyones input especially when they have no biased and have been through it themselves. ive learnt how to access replies now easily on this forom as ive never been a facebook groupie or living life through a screen but slowly getting the knack of these chat rooms haha.if you ever need to chat about anything your always welcome to message me although preferably not about the cancers as im not educated enough as yet for that. i know i shouldnt ask a lady there age but are you a more mature patient as i feel that may be the reason for the disregarding of feelings and care recieved. as if elderly are all gerriatric demensia subjects 

  • Hi again, 2021.

    Thanks for your reply, I have Douglas Macmillian nurses on board, sorry for my abrivation, they are fantastic. Some places/ areas will have others like Marrie currie, if that's the correct spelling.

    I was a year off retiring when I took ill, didn't have a cough, or coughing up any rubbish,  just started to get quite breathless.  So none off the symptoms they tell you to look out for. I have just turned 65, have come to terms with things,  but its not what I wanted and feel a bit robbed, of what I had planned for my future retirement.  

    To be honest feel well at the moment, just get really breathless on exertion,  and I am stubborn,  try to do to much sometimes. I am also realistic and know things can change quickly,  but one day at a time. Make memories on the good days, rest on the bad. 

    We all have varied experiences with consultants on here. And I'm also not impressed with mine. And dislike phone consultations,  so when it important , like a result of a scan , I request a face to face. 

    I do make notes, and ask questions, as it's easy to forget things, once there. 

    Take care, Debs x