A bit down today :(

Hi everyone. Just been for my blood test to make sure that everything is ok for my 4th (and final) chemotherapy session on Thursday and have to say I have very mixed emotions today. 
I think im worried about the scan that will follow and what it’ll show Disappointed I hope and pray that the chemo will have shrunken the cancer but we will see.

Ive started using the headspace app and it’s really good however even that’s not helping today.  I needed to get that off my chest! 

hope everyone is doing as well as they can.


  • Hi debbie, I think what you are feeling is completely normal. It is a very worrying time waiting to see if the treatment has worked. Scanxiety is a horrible thing. 

    Celebrate the final chemo session on Thursday. It is a great feeling to get to the end of the treatment knowing how far you have come. x 


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  • Hiya ,

    I just wondered if you hve had any other scans during your treatment ? 
    I hope this might help you , my mum had 1st treatment at 100%  she was very ill. They gave  her 2nd treatment at 80% - gave her a scan 4 days after 2nd treatment showed the lung cancer was shrinking , and the spots on adrenal gland and tht was after 2 treatment,   

    my mum had 3rd treatment 2 weeks ago at 100% ans her 4th treatment will be next week at 80%

    they have told her  tho she will need additional 5th treatment , she didn’t even ask why , as  long as it does it’s job, 


  • Thanks Chelle. I celebrated as you suggested and it was all good to be honest.  Yes definitely scanxiety but I’ve done my best now, the doctors have given me what they think are the right drugs and dosages so we’ll wait and see xx

  • Hiya trainspotter

    no i haven’t had any scans other than the first diagnosis scan.

    yes I read through your mums treatment bless her, but luckily I haven’t had any side effects whatsoever during any of the 4 sessions other than the nausea during the first 4 days following chemo.

    I think it was a panic attack as i realised that the next part of my chemo journey would be waiting for a date for the scan to show what effects the chemotherapy have had ( I’m hoping that it’s definitely shrunk).

    I’ll post on here the outcome.

    look after your mum

    debbie x

  • Hiya I hope the chemo worked for you and shrunk your cancer. What was the side affect of your chemo. My consultant has told me that when I start treatment I will have to stop mixing with people as I will be proned to infections? I'm going to find that hard as I'm a very active with sports ?

  • Morning!

    im hoping it has too. I’m waiting for a scan date so will let you know the outcome. Fingers crossed it’s all good.

    yes I was told that and to be honest, the first week following chemo I didn’t feel like doing a lot anyway, just used it as healing time. The following 2 weeks I then started my exercise again but I always wear a mask and I avoid any areas which are heavily populated with people. Makes me sound dreadful, but you need to look after yourself and not put yourself at risk.

    When does your treatment start?

    debbie Blush

  • Aw well here’s hoping fir good news for you the waiting can be so awful 

    but with this new breakthrough of immunotherapy it’s like a lifesaver having it now only as maintenance had all treatment advised against radiotherapy although advised I’d need it as tiny bits of cancer cells can get to the brain .sometimes I just wish they’d all stick to same decisions it’s very confusing 

  • Only if that was possible it’s raining and dark clouds around me every time I open my eyes 

  • Hi Debbie it’s great you've got to end of chemotherapy have you had scan results yet praying there good for you .hope your having better days now BlushBlushBlush

  • Hi have you started chemotherapy yet yes best you stay away from others as best you can although you’ll possibly want to rest it’s good healing for body yet some fresh air when you can as well I’d personally do sport if your able