Nausea following chemo

Hi all,

My nan has recently had her first cycle of chemotherapy (Carboplatin/Etoposide) for transformed small cell lung cancer. She has been given Domperidone tablets to take three times daily but still suffering from nausea.

I've read lots of information about nausea for suggestions on what might help e.g. ginger, peppermint, small frequent meals etc.

Was just wondering if anyone on here had anything which worked partically well?

Willing to try anything. It's horrible seeing her like this.

Thank you for all the help in advance :) 

  • Hi

    Sadly nausea is a common side effect of the chemo combo.  There is a an ant-sickness drug which I was given that can be taken as and when the feeling of nausea starts. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name!  Worth asking her consultant about?  

    Kegsy x

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  • Let her team know. 

    There are a number of different medications given to control nausea and they each work in a different way.  Metoclopramide and ondansetron are two which are commonly given to cancer patients but the important thing is to make sure the team knows as soon as possible so they can find the right combination for your nan.  

  • Hi

    I had nausea after cehmo and tried various anti sickness tablets but nothing really worked. I jjust waited it out and usually felt a bit better as the day went on. If she just eat what she feels like, drinks plenty. I found ice lollies were great if she likes them!

  • Thank you. We've changed anti sickness from Domperidone to Cyclizine but not much different. She just says feels sick all the time. Not having much fluids last few days. I'm encouraging her to take sips but feel like I'm nagging her constantly. Will take couple of mouthfuls of food then say don't want anymore. Says nothing tastes right but can't describe so I don't know what to try to make it taste better. 

    I feel like she's giving up but tells me she's not. She has 2nd cycle of chemo tomorrow which says happy to go ahead with so going to speak to the team while there. But if you have any advice or tips that worked for you or someone you care for I would really appreciate them. I just don't know what else I can try.

  • Hi JK

    I had the same chemo along with atezolizumab and I seem to be amongst the fortunate in that I had very few side effects - I did suffer from a lack of appetite and a general listfulness & constipation for a few days afterwards (although not since the 4 cycles of the chemo element finished) but I found tinned soup helped and also good quality full fat ice cream. I also started to have an apple, an orange and a banana every day just to keep my stomach working and regular...

    You might also try mash with creamed cheese or something like complan from the chemist. Anything of high fat and calorific value is good in these circumstances, perhaps rice pud with jam etc...

    It is hugely important that she takes as much liquid (again of high calorific value) as possible as this will help keep her functioning.

    You might also speak with your nan's CNS or MacMillan contact as they may well have some tricks up their sleeves for just this very common occurrence.


    Stay Strong


  • Thank you. I will definitely add cheese to mash and try get to have more fruit. Is quite good with veg. Going to make some homemade soup too. We've found those little cheese bisuits are a good snack throughout the day.

    If it was summer I feel would be bit easier with fluids as doesn't want ice lollies or ice cream as too cold. She's always love cups of tea but hates them as taste horrible. Struggling to find a drink she likes the taste of.

    Have got some recipes for high calorie drinks so bought some cream, evaporated milk etc to make some of them. Says everything makes her feel sick but seems to be ok with milkshakes so hopefully by adding some extra calories where can will help keep her weight and energy up.

  • Hi, so sorry that your Nan is going through this. I went through 8 months of chemo. I totally understand her not wanting to eat, I was exactly the same. Her appetite will come back, take small steps, ask her if there is anything she fancies, it might be something out of the ordinary, mine was Heinz chicken soup, which I've never liked but couldnt get enough of. Custard, yogurt, melon, things that are easy to swollow. Even try some with smoothies bananas and fruit.

    Hope this helps, but definitely speak to your nans team.

    Good luck x