Question about chemo


I've never had chemotherapy before and always assumed that each cycle would be a couple of days of chemo and then a rest of three weeks , before the next cycle,

but my letter says I'm to have one day of chemo, wait three weeks and then have another day of chemo, and wait three  weeks and so on.

Is this normal?

What good is one day every three weeks going to do???

  • I had a 2 drug chemo plus immunotherapy for 1 day every 3 weeks for 4 cycles. And then immunotherapy once every 3 weeks. The initial chemo shrunk my cancer and the immunotherapy is keeping it at bay. So every 3 weeks is what I had.


  • Hi Harebelle, yes that is the norm, you get one day of treatment then a rest in between. Do you have a date as to when your treatment starts ? X 


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  • This Monday.  Have to travel quite far for it as well,  which is a bummer.  I'm hoping to get future chemo closer to home.x