Anybody have NSCLC with bone mets?

Did you ask your Oncologist for a prognosis?

What did they say?

Have you gone past it?

Up until now I havent wanted to know but decided now I do.

I'm trying to get a realistic idea beforehand so it won't be too much of a shock or surprise when the Oncologist tells me.

On Google it says 8- 9 months for lung cancer with bone mets, but everybody says not to look on Google in case its out of date

and I expect its different with or without treatment.

I'd appreciate  honesty, even if it hurts.

Thanks xxx.

  • Hiya , please don’t look on Google ,  April last year my mum was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer - adrenocarcinoma- it is in her left lung spots on adrenal gland and rib cage - stage 4-  I read everything on line - by this time I was planning a funeral in my head as I was so scared and there was nothing positive on Google ,  then I found this website and there are many people on here who will tell you the same,  everyone cancer is different/ treatment plans / depends how they respond / my mum scan shows no cancer in the ribs - and the lung and adrenal gland have shrunk her treatment had been 1 year so far, it’s been hard I won’t lie,  and she is still having treatment every 21 days, xxx   There are a lot of peopel on here who have had treatment and doing amazing , but a lot of people don’t return to the website to tell there story , xxx