Treatment options

Diagnosed with lung melanoma one year ago. 
Told surgery best option but my age goes against that. I am 80.

After lots of investigations surgery suggested after PET scan but heart and lung test needed first. During test had cardiac arrest so surgery ruled out and referred to oncology. 
offered immunotherapy radiotherapy or wait and see. Decided to wait and following PET scan. No increase in size and may have decreased. 
Now surgery seen as possible again. Previously Anaesthetist had said no problem with surgery but concerned about after effects eg ventilation and possibly having to spend time in nursing home. Surgeon had said no problem and I would be in and out of hospital in three days. 
I find all this very confusing and have meeting with surgeon on Tuesday..

  • Hi Jimmycat200 that is good news to hear that surgery may be possible after all. Good luck for tomorrow, take a pen and paper with you to write anything down, as if you are like me you will forget what they say. x 


    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou
  • Thanks Chelle. 
    I will take a pen indeed as I know how easy it is to forget what is said or to get it wrong. One of my sons is coming with me and he will keep me right. Thank again.