Recent diagnosis of a right frontal meningioma

Hi just been diagnosed on the 10th feb.  Got contrast mri this monday and booked in for results Wednesday..accidental find on ct scan. Hss anyone on here have this type of tumour. Thank you Heart️ 

  • Hi 

    I hope your MRI went well yesterday and that you'll find out your results and treatment plan tomorrow.

    I've had a look to see if anyone has recently posted about having a right frontal meningioma and found  posted a few months ago about having a left frontal meningioma. I've tagged them into my reply to you in the hope that they'll pop in and tell you about their experiences.

    Do come back and let us know how the results go.


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  • Latchbrook; thanks for tagging me as I hadn't seen this post.

    Hi Sally B2,

    I was diagnosed with a left frontal lobe meningioma three years ago and like you it was discovered by accident after I had a reaction to an anaesthetic and then was given a CT scan. Initially it was so overwhelming and it is really important to have a good support network I found.

    I'm always around if you want to chat, will be thinking of you on Wednesday!

    Take care,


  • Thanks katie...what did they do for your M. If you dont mind me asking..xxxx

  • Thank does help chatting to other people and their M journeys x 

  • Hi Sally B2,

    After I had an MRI following my CT, I sat down with my neurosurgeon and they explained how they wanted to move forward. Because of the size of my meningioma (4.6cm) and the location, the aim was to remove as much as possible so I had surgery back in 2017. Sometimes a 'watch and wait' approach is used where your tumour is monitored over time if surgery isn't required immediately. 

    When you get your results they should be able to give you more details regarding your treatment plan which I found helpful as I had more of an idea as to what was going on and why. Hope you get on alright when you receive your results and feel free to ask me anything x

  • Ah thanks for replying...i.will.certainly keep on here..macmillan have been amazing. Gosh yours was quite a size..glad your doing OK now x

  • Ive got so many questions..but will wait.till tomorrow and hopefully most of these will be answered..but will certainly keep in touch on here x thanks Blush

  • Hi!! Didnt get my results today!! They were not back!!! So deflated about that.  Took a lot of mental energy for me today. They just asked about my sypmtoms from when i went into A & E follow up. The doctor said the hospital should.ring me in 2 days..if not i have to give it 5 days then ring them...dont really feel i want to chase.. at this stage anyway. I have a telephone appointment with neurosurgeons on i hope they can enlighten me....xx

  • Oh how frustrating, it can be exhausting when you prepare yourself. Hopefully the neurosurgeon will have access to the images if they are available and can talk you through them. Was it not a neurosurgeon who rang today? It is tough waiting for results and I find it helps to keep busy but do whatever works for you. Hope the results come through soon!

  • I actually went to hospital..itnwas mainly a follow up...but when nurse took my bp etc...i.asked if i was seeing a neurologist and getting my results...and she said yes...but then 2 doctors came and just asked if my symptoms had changed..when i asked if i was getting results..they said they hadnt arrived. So now.hoping by the end of.the week.they will x