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I have recently been diagnosed with Pancytopenia. I have no other symptoms except abnormal low blood count.

I am about to see a consultant about it as the numbers have been abnormally low  for last 5 months.( All  blood cells group's numbers are lower than normal).

I did a radioiodine treatment years ago for thyroid cancer and i knew that the possibility of having a secondary cancer such as Leukaemia will increase by doing that.

Is Pancytopenia a strong  first sign of leukaemia?

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks for any help or advice.

  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I haven't had pancytopenia but I did have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia about 10 years ago. Whilst with your diagnosis it is human nature to think the worst but until you have seen the consultant and they have run more tests all you can try and do is remain positive that it is something else causing the condition. 

    I appreciate that is easier said than done. With regards to my blood counts when I was diagnosed my red blood cells were very low but my white bloods cells were incredibly high and I am sure it can be different for a multitude of things.

    I can see you have posted in the thyroid cancer forum as well so hopefully you may get a response there.

    Lets hope you get some answers soon from the consultant and that they are positive news.


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  • Thank you Paul for your reply.

    As you correctly said we will know the cause after they have run all the tests, and at the same time i do appreciate sharing thoughts and experiences with caring people  same as yourself which it does help with the worries a great deal.

    Wish you all the best .


  • Pancytopenia may be related to a generalised marrow problem. Leukaemia will produce excess cells - either lymphocytes or myeloid cells. This is a case in which you may have to bear with the diagnostic process, as it may take some time to determine the actual  cause. 

    One cancer (PTCL-NOS) 3 times. Two other cancers: Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma 2 times, and 20q deletion MyeloDysplastic Syndrome) were chemo refractory. All three cancers simultaneously in 2015. Stage IV twice + MDS @ 23% of marrow. 12/22 diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Thus far, 14+ years, 20 drugs, 4 clinical trials, Total Body Irradiation, 1,000+ years of background radiation from scans. 7th remission so far. Haploidentical stem cell transplant, acute > chronic Graft-versus-Host-disease. Currently receiving my 7th GvHD regimen.

  • Hi everyone

    Though i started a new thread with my latest results but just wanted to copy and paste it over here as an update for my previous post.

    pancytopenia  for last 10 months with all blood cell groups lower than normal except lymphocytes which are within normal range.

    the latest blood results showed a bit of improvement:

    platelets   92   (  from 82)

    neutrophil     1.9    ( from    1.3)

    RBC          4.46      ( from 4.12)

    my blood film result came back as follow

    occasional aberrant lymphocytes with hairy cell appearance 

    Did the bone marrow biopsy yesterday and i will see the haematologist in a month time to discuss the findings. 

    a month is a long time for me to wait not knowing the reason for these  recent blood abnormality changes.

    I appreciate any help and thought from people with similar experiences.

    i thought that there is a high possibility for HCL or similar problem but no idea.