Am i heading toward a HCL diagnosis?

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 Hi everyone this is my story so far , i wonder if i am going to be diagnosed with HCL or a similar entity soon? 

pancytopenia  for last 10 months with all blood cell groups lower than normal except lymphocytes which are within normal range.

the latest blood results showed a bit of improvement:

platelets   92   (  from 82)

neutrophil     1.9    ( from    1.3)

RBC          4.46      ( from 4.12)

my blood film result came back as follow

occasional aberrant lymphocytes with hairy cell appearance 

Did the bone marrow biopsy yesterday and i will see the haematologist in a month time to discuss the findings. 

a month is a long time for me to wait not knowing the reason for these  recent blood abnormality changes.

I appreciate any help and thought from people with similar experiences.


  • Hi  most people agree that the only people who will be able to navigate all the information and eventually answer your question will obviously be your medical professionals…… but it looks like you are getting the tests done that will get you this answer.

    It can be ever so complicated at times to get a clear diagnosis and even then some blood cancers like HCL are put into a group of Leukaemia’s that include CLL and SLL….. then they are actually seen as being in the same Haematological group of Low Grade NHLs….. yes very confusing.

    Lets look for you to get a clear answer soon and if it does turn out to be HCL we do have a specific group for CLL, SLL, HCL

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Thanks Mike

    you are helpful as always.

    wasn't aware of that group which will be more relevant if this'll turn out to be the case for me.

    i will wait for the biopsy result and let you know the outcome.

    keep up the good work

  • This is why CLL, SLL and HCL are in a separate group due to them not fitting into how the mainstream Leukaemia’s develop and are treated.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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