Husband just found out he has kidney cancer

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Hi my name Sarah and my 44 year old husband has just found out he has kidney cancer.

He hasn't felt unwell his symptoms are peeing blood, he's had two cts first one was to check the kidney and the second one was to check his lungs. Is this normal for the first time. 

We haven't talked to any consultants yet so we don't know what is going to happen, we've only talked to a GP that's how he's found out.

  • Hi sarah this very normal they try to get all the information so they can tell you what the plan is hope this helps

  • After CT scans you would normally expect to get an appointment with urology who would normally advise diagnosis, then explain next steps and facilitate a Q&A with you.  If it's small <4cm and not spread, then they don't normally remove them immediately, but wait and see if they grow.  

    I find it a bit strange you've had your diagnosis from your GP because it's not primary care.  

    After my initial CT scan I had a biopsy to see what type it was, but that was because it had spread and it was too late for a nephrectomy.   

  • When he first started to pee blood we went to the a& e and they put it down to a water infection. We were told to contact our GP for more investigation to be done. The GP ordered a CT for him but on that day he started bleeding again so the next day I called the GP asking for a emergency appointment, they'll called back that day asking to come down to the surgery. And that's when he's was given the news the it's looks like cancer and his lymph nodes to.

  • Hi Sarah I hope you and your husband are ok after receiving the cancer diagnosis it's a difficult time.

    You are not alone there are lots of us here who have been through the same journey your just beginning.

    I had the same symptoms peeing blood no other symptoms GP thought it was kidney stones the Scan results will decide the next steps lots of options available.

    Saying don't worry I know may not be the best at this time but please try it's a long road ahead and many of us here live a pretty normal life with one kidney I'm here three years after the removal of my right kidney ( advanced to stage 4 but still living as normal as I can)

    Tell your husband to keep positive fingers crossed for the scan results.

    All the best Ry