New Here. Very Nervous

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49M. Had abdominal issues (likely unrelated) in October 2023. Abdominal/Pelvic CT w&w/o contrast showed 11mm (1.1cm) indeterminate renal lesion on right kidney. Follow up with Renal Ultrasound in December 2023 revealed no renal lesion (though US report stated it was limited study due to bowel gas). Going for MRI tomorrow. When I went to urologist (who ordered the MRI), he said in looking at the CT, it’s a flip of a coin as to what it could be. He was pretty clear in telling me he could not tell what it is. However, later on, when I reviewed his visit note where he orders the MRI, it states “highly concerning for RCC” though also in his visit note states complex hemorrhagic cyst vs. RCC. When I called him about it, he advised he needed to use that wording to get the MRI approved. I have been paralyzed with fear and anxiety since reading that visit note. I understand most if not all that are here have gone through this or worse but I’m just seeking anyone’s thoughts, advice, comments, or anything that may benefit me. I also have made the mistake of Googling every possible thing on kidney cancer imaginable and that certainly has not helped. I really appreciate any responses. God bless you all.

  • Hi AM, firstly, I'd suggest you stop googling. Whatever your results are they are unique to you, as will be any treatment you might need, and the way you feel about it all. There is no answer on the Internet. Trust the Docors is my advice.

    I have RCC. I had a 12cm tumour from my right side removed just over a year ago. Of course I was worried but everyone was amazing which made me feel so relaxed. I fully recovered from that 8 weeks after op.

    I'm being treated for 4 smaller indications since April 23, 3 have disappeared and 4th shrunk to 5mm. Next scan coming up soon hoping for more good news. 

    All the best for tomorrow,  fingers crossed for you.


  • Diddy, thank you so much for responding. You have no idea the comfort and reassurance I feel when those who understand respond. I really appreciate it.  I hope you continue to do well. 

  • You're welcome and thanks for the good wishes. It's good to talk to someone in person or online.

    I've found a great support network at Maggies centre, if you have one near you do go as they are amazing, very supportive and knowledgeable and the shared experiences of others really helps.

  • Hi AM1974

    hope the mri all went ahead ok and the wait isn’t too long for results. I found the wait for things is the worst as everything is uncertain and out of your control. My favorite saying at the moment ‘ it is what it is ‘ once you know what’s what then charge at it full speed. We are all here when needed. 

    I too have been terrible with google, more for the learning of how things work and what happens more than what it is as until it’s dealt with by those in the know we just don’t know. 

    With additional scans being done for you sounds like being thorough. I had a CT with contrast, then chest CT and then MRI all within 2 weeks, panic set slightly when wanted extra scans as I went what have they seen and didn’t know why. Was more to make sure they had full understanding of what was there to make sure plan was correct. 

    Good luck and fingers crossed for some news soon. 

  • Thank you for responding, Janey. It was my first MRI ever so that wasn’t fun. Should get the results in a few days.  Everything has been so surreal.  Though I hate the fact that anyone would have cancer, it is comforting to hear from others who have experienced similar situations. Thank you again for reaching out. 

  • UPDATE: MRI states that the lesion appears to be a benign cyst, and no solid enhancing masses are identified on the kidney. What do you all think about having another radiologist review it? I am going for a follow up today to see my urologist.

  • Hi AM1974 How did your follow up go with the urologist? 

  • Hello Janey, the urologist reviewed the MRI imaging study and agreed with the reading radiologist that it is a benign cyst.  Although I was obviously happy about that, he can sense that I needed reassurance so he said I can follow up in 1 year with another scan. I intend to follow up with him.  

  • Great news AM Clap 

  • That’s great news!