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Hi - I'm new to the Kidney Cancer section.

My husband died on 21st December from Bile Duct cancer and I am now responsible for his 88 year old sister who has kidney cancer.

The doctors have decided a while ago that they will not operate as the operation would cause more harm than good and so she has been on palliative care for 2 years with nothing much changing.  But - she has recently been complaining of pain in her kidney region and today I tried to make an appointment at our doctors for her - was told the earliest she could be seen is 5th March which is 3 weeks away - I did say that she has cancer and we are worried that something is happening with that but was told it's the 5th March or nothing.  I personally think this is appalling and that she is not being treated well at all but I am now unsure as to how quickly you should be able to see a doctor especially where cancer is concerned.  Luckily I have the palliative care team phone number from when they were involved with my husband and I am waiting a call back.  But I wondered is this normal nowadays and if so how do other people manage.

Thanks for reading

  • I totally agree it is appalling!! Does your sister in law have contact with her cancer team from when she was first diagnosed? I would definitely contact them. A complaint should be made to the practice manager of her GP surgery. This is no way to treat an 88 year old lady with kidney cancer. I'm afraid these days if you don't make a fuss about these issues you are totally overlooked. (I speak from experience) I have just changed my GP practice and luckily am now receiving a much better service. All best wishes to you both and keep pushing.

  • Does your GP do same day appts that you phone up on the day (at 8am) for?   They must retain some, I would have thought.  If it does, you can try that and use the auto-redial app on your phone.  This app will  grab a free line as soon as it's released so you get to the front of the queue quicker.  Auto-redial app is my go-to solution and phone up on the dot at opening time.    I would phone your SiL's team - it sounds as though that's what you are doing.  She might not be having an op but she's still on someone's out-patient list for this.  

    It wasn't very long ago they were saying you should be able to get a GP appt in 2 days!  Anguished  

    I'm based in East Scotland though which is a separate NHS so it might be completely different.  

  • Hello Clancy, oh dear it does seem as though you have been through a lot and things are not easy for you now.

    In addition to what MMum and Foyle have said… you could ring 111 and discuss it with them…..they can often organise an appointment for you. It’s worth a try.

    Let us know how you get on and do keep posting for support.

    Take care, Jules x

  • Update

    After speaking to the palliative care team (who are fantastic) a district nurse came tonight.  She doesn't think it is the cancer causing the problems but will be speaking to the doctor on our behalf and requesting a much earlier appointment due to her ongoing medical problems.  So at least we can rest easier tonight.  Thanks for all the replies and the ideas which I may well need to use in the future

  • That’s really good news for you. Hope you both sleep well. Jules xx