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Hi  to everyone ,

just wanted to say how combating it is knowing I am not alone in this.  I was taken in hospital with suspected Kidney stones

one Ultrasound later it was confirmed it was a Cancerous Tumour on my left kidney,  I had a radical nephrorectomy  in November 

which I have now got over, apart from the numbness, however a CT scan revealed that the Cancer has spread to my Lymph nodes, so another Scan is due in February and a further appointment with the Oncologist, it is all very worrying and waiting to know what the final outcome is seems endless.  I expect it is the same for everyone and I  can’t fault the NHS  in their great work.

Regards Maria (Ex Nurse)

  • Hello, yes, much as it's some kind of relief to get the op over with, all the waiting for outcomes can be hard to deal with. I had my nephrectomy at the end of November and just started immunotherapy. But it's by far the end of the road! Btw, what is the numbness you mention? Wasn't sure if you meant physical or mental numbness!

  • Hi 

    the numbness is where I had the operation, I realise this could be nerve damage. 

  • Hi

    glad your op went well, and hope you make a full recovery. The numbness is on the site of the operation, I am guessing this is nerve damage.  Cancer is a long journey, but hopefully 

    with a good outcome.