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Last January I attended a health check at my GPs.   Was surprised to find out I had raging type 2 diabetes !!   Last October I attended for a targeted lung health check.     Was told I had a very small nodule in my lung but also told I had a significant mass on my kidney.

Since then I have had an ultrasound, a CT contrast scan, an appointment with a consultant and a kidney biopsy.  Consultant told me 95% chance it was cancer but said kidney removal would not be for several months.

I'm very anxious about the long waiting time for treatment. Has anyone faced similar ?

Nice but not nice to find myself here


  • Hi Saffi, welcome to the group that nobody really wants to be in.

    Kidney cancer is generally a slow growing tumour, I wonder if the delay in surgery is to ensure that you have your diabetes well under control before they operate.

    Have you been assigned a cancer nurse specialist, as they would probably be able to clarify things for you.

    Alternatively, might be worth contacting your urologists secretary and asking why.

    Waiting for surgery and treatment is psychologically almost the toughest part of the journey, might also be worth contacting Macmillan support who will also be able to offer help and support

    Best wishes John 

  • Thank you John for your response.   Nothing at all has been said about my diabetes and I have not been assigned a cancer nurse specialist.

    I can't even get thro to the hospital to trace the consultants secretary !    3 weeks since my biopsy and nothing.

    I think there's a Macmillan office at my hospital so may try them.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Saffi

    I waited weeks for my biopsy results and the uncertainty drove me to despair. Even though I was given a cancer diagnosis, it was so much better than the not knowing, as t least things can get started. I would try  to keep pushing the hospital for your results, although they did take time to analyse and then there is sometimes a team meeting to discuss the next steps.

    I’m afraid that currently we can’t presume we haven’t been forgotten as things do get lost in the system.

    I hope you get some news soon.….keep posting to let us know how you are.

    Best wishes Jules x

  • Hi

    Soon after I joined the forum I remember 2 or 3 people who waited months for a kidney removal.  One waited ages, then phoned the receiving hospital to discover the local hospital hadn't sent it.  Wow, that's a justifiable raging situation!  As your CT is clear (I assume) there will be no urgency to progress although that doesn't make it easy for you :-(. 

    But cancer is slow growing, as has been said.  

  • Well I finally got to see my consultant again with biopsy results. Apparently I have an Oncocytic Neoplasm which is indolent !!!!

    I will have a partial nephrectomy ( moving to full if necessary)

    The consultant talked me through all my scan pictures , which was fascinating.

    The day after, I received calls from the hospital to book my pre-op assessment and a fitness assessment.  Apparently I have to ride an exercise bike  - at age 75 and unfit !!  I did ask if it was an early April Fool !!!

    So things are finally moving in the right direction but I was warned that the pre-op assessment has a validity of 3 months so things may not happen as quickly as I hoped.

  • Similar for me. I had a small nodule on my lung, 5mm,  which actually hasn’t needed any follow up. I was told I was 95% certain to have kidney cancer and I did. Had my kidney removed in May and now I’m more or less back to normal. I was terrified when I first got the diagnosis, it was a difficult time as I imagined all sorts of outcomes. If it helps I was told that my cancer had probably been growing for five years and it doesn’t appear to have spread beyond the kidney, so I think that kidney cancer is very slow to progress. This time between diagnosis and treatment is the worst. I’m afraid that not all hospitals seem to be very good at keeping patients informed. I had a kidney cancer nurse, I tried to contact them a couple of times but they never got back. It’s very frustrating. Good luck with everything. Keep posting here - you’ll get some support.