Suspect Kidney cancer secondary lung heart in AF

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Hi my husband was feeling really poorly at weekend struggling to breathe he thought it was a chest infection, went to the gp Monday morning they refused to see him I said he’s struggling to breathe they just said go to a&e we did he asked for anti biotics but an ecg and blood tests later they told us he had fluid on his lungs his heart was racing too fast (as it was working to hard to get the blood flowing around his body and to get rid of the fluid in his legs)  after the X-ray they said they thought he had a blood clot on his lungs also the blood test pointed to that. Went back yesterday for a cat scan his heart rate was 127 so they did another ecg but sent him for the scan, then we waited and the doctor asked to speak he said my colleague yesterday told you that you had AF? Nope no one said anything so he said he would need to see the heart specialist, then he said you know we sent you for the scan for the blood clot we suspected on your lung? Well we’ve something very serious to tell you, you have growths on each kidney and it looks like secondary growths in your lungs that we truly suspect is cancer, We of course are stunned we can’t understand how they can tell this from the scan without a biopsy? My husband told him he had passed some kidney stones about 11 months ago and could it be scars from that? The doctor said i understand what you are saying  but we have seen what looks like growths around yyour lungs,  he’s put him on an emergency 2 week call back for the specialist and to discuss an operation or other treatment but to be honest we are struggling to remember what he said, has anyone heard of a cat scan showing up cancer? Oh then my husband said I don’t feel unwell but the doctor said this isn’t something that’s just happened it could have been there a very long time, I know this doesn’t really make sense I’m so sorry but we are just trying to understand it,we are both retired my husband is 77 and obviously thinks they’ve got it wrong, thank you for reading, Linzi 

  • Hi, my kidney cancer tumour was picked up on an ultra sound check by accident like many others. I had no symptoms but was having a check up for my liver. I was sent for a CT scan and it was confirmed it was RCC small tumour. Operation to remove about eight weeks later. As far as I know it’s rare a biopsy is needed. They know exactly what they are looking at on a CT. After it’s removed they do pathology on it to confirm the grade of the tumour and confirm or not ifs cancerous. Kidney cancer is extremely slow growing which is why most people don’t know anything about it unless it’s either picked up my chance or it’s got big and is causing symptoms like blood in your urine. So because your husband has no symptoms is very positive. 

  • Thank you so much for your explanation I hope you are keeping well, kind regards Linzi 

  • My CT scan showed my tumour as clear as day. And no one pretened it might not be malignant. There is was. Like a Christmas tree. So yes CT scans show what's what. 

  • Simon thanks for your reply,I hope you are feeling rested and ok, take care, kind regards Linzi