Last stages of stage 4 kidney cancer

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Does anyone have any experience of what I should expect my dear mum to go through in the latter stages of kidney cancer? I have no real clue of what I should expect.

Although she is "comfortable" the pain seems to flair up regularly and getting swift and appropriate pain relief is proving difficult in her nursing home.

GP's are overstretched and hard to come by and the palliative care team seem to want to defer to the GPs. It's very harrowing to witness and makes you despair when you can do little to help but keep begging for more pain relief from staff who are unwilling/unauthorised to give it. 

Thank you for your time.


  • Hi Poli, although  I don’t have experience of this sad situation, I just wanted to say that I feel for you, it must be so hard to see your lovely mum in pain. I would keep persevering with the calls and explaining that someone does need to do something. Take care, I do hope that you and your mum get the support you both need. Big hugs Jules x

  • Thank you Jules, I really appreciate your taking time to reply. Heart decoration

  • Hi - I'm sure I've read in the head and neck (or perhaps the brain) group that Drs gave people and emergency box of medicines and accompanying protocol for situations like this.