Hello, everyone!

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I thought that I would just introduce myself to you all. I am a 70 year old grandfather and retired academic who has just been diagnosed with a 54mm growth on my kidney. I have just been transferredThinkingrom my local general hospital to Charing Cross Hospital and am waiting, none too patiently, to hear from the relevant department and hoping that I haven't got lost in the system! Thinking

  • Hello to the man with the great name!! Welcome to our group……it’s a club that no one really wants to belong to, but we are a friendly bunch. Don’t be afraid to ring the hospital if you think you have been forgotten, because sometimes the do forget or you get lost in the system.  Wishing you all the best and keep letting us know how you are doing. Best wishes and a big hug Jules x 

  • Hi there

    Small world....I had my op there back in October; very impressed with the team there.

    You'll probably need to put the pressure on them to get the next date although they will be backed up thanks to the doctor's strike I guess.

    Let me know if you want to know anything else!

  • I know you were joking when you spoke about getting lost in the system, but people have been lost in that scenario before, or the referral never made.  I'd give them a couple of weeks and then phone the new place and check you're on their radar.  Good luck!