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Hi Folks

We are just back from hospital after my husbands first review post surgery (radical neph, six weeks ago). It was not good news as the cancer is type Clear Cell, highly aggressive grade 9.
Next step is another scan early Feb and then potential Radiotherapy with immunotherapy for small positive lymph node mediastium, i’e between lungs and heart. I am looking for some hope as everything I have read is bleak with shocking survival stats?  Does anyone have a similar experience?

  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read that you've had this news. I've not had the same cancer myself so I hope you don't mind me responding to your post. By me responding, it will place your post back at the top where it may be seen by more members of the kidney group. I see from your profile that you are feeling overwhelmed. It may be helpful to you to join more groups, if you click on the menu in green at the top (3 lines) there are cancer type groups but also cancer experience groups, where you may find groups that provide more support for

     Emotional support forum 

     Family and friends forum 

    The above are links to groups that may provide support for you as well as your husband. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, can I suggest the Macmillan helpline, this is the link to contact

    Very best wishes for your husband's treatment.

    A x

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  • Hi 

    My kidney cancer was too late for a nephrectomy, but I can relate to this:

    everything I have read is bleak with shocking survival stats

    For various reasons, every now and then I go and look what is publicised for my metastatic kidney cancer and it's all doom and gloom too.  15% survival rate for 5 years and I'm 2 years in already.  It's often said on here that prognosis on the internet is vastly generalised and based on statistics from 5+ years ago.  In the mean time science moves on and new approaches become available prolonging life.   When you feel like you have articulated, after reading stuff online, that is the time to turn off the wifi and get a cup of tea and forget about it all.  That's my strategy.  

    I'm on immunotherapy.  As time goes on I have more of a balanced view of it.  Somewhere midway between "wonder drugs" and "there's no such thing as a free lunch".   

  • Hi,

    How sad that you say 'everything I have read is bleak with shocking survival stats'. I am in no way diminishing how awful you must feel and i totally understand how despair takes over.

    In the last few years more and more Drs are finding diet can play a role in helping to fight cancer. There are foods that we should avoid and foods that we should eat. I urge you both to research this. 

    Dr Thomas Seyfried, among many others now, has done so many videos/interviews (you tube is a good source) on this subject. Having watched them myself i have altered my diet to give myself a chance of beating cancer. For me now my diet consists of some of what a like and lot of what will help my body heal itself. 

    I seriously recommend having a look into this. There is a growing wave of opinion on nutrition having answers to our cancer problems. There are many examples of people beating poor outlooks through diet.

    Good luck....Del.

  • I have decided it is time to stop looking at online stats and try to take each step as it comes. Thanks for your replyxx

  • Thanks for your reply, diet is defo worth looking at. 

  • Thank you for your reply, feeling better now. I have realised that I need to reset myself after the hospital visitsBlush