Kidney Cancer AND Ovarian Cancer (Awaiting Surgery and Confirmation)

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Kidney Cancer AND Ovarian Cancer (Awaiting Surgery and Confirmation)

Anyone else in my position?

Did you find getting information straight forward?

Did they update you and let you know what was happening?

Did you feel you had a good understanding of your situation and what to do, particularly around questions to ask, who to chase and where in the pathway you were, what the likely timescales are for each step and timescales overall?

I think Im doing something wrong!

  • Hello there.  Unusual question - which is probably a factor for the lack of replies, along with the holiday season.   I wonder - is that two separate primaries, or has one metastasized?  Just that KC doesn't usually met to the ovaries.  The common met sites are lungs, bones and brain.  

    It depends where you are in the diagnosis path, I think, regarding info.  Mine started with an appt with urology and then an immediate referral to oncology.  Once you've started the engagement with a consultant then you should get contact numbers for the relevant support network.  At the appts with the consultant, or the nurse phone line you can then fire all your questions at them, and understand what you're waiting for next to move forward.  

    But saying that, if you have two investigations ongoing concurrently, that does sound complicated.  You perhaps need to find out from the last dept you spoke with, who they have referred you to, or what appt you are waiting for eg biopsy, CT scan and chase these depts.  It's holiday season in the NHS though so you'd need to factor in xmas delays.  

  • Hi StayAGhost

    I can’t help with your questions as I don’t know the answers as I’m waiting for a follow up after 2 CT scans to see what the plan is. 

    Good luck with everything and hope you get some clarification on what you wish to know soon.

  • Thanks both

    They did say my situation is rare and I'm a complex case apparently. Looks to be two separate issues (kidney only found by chance when investigating gynae cancer).

    Hopefully will know more once operation done and I've got the full results from the lab.

  • Sadly even my GP says hospitals are shockingly poor at all communications.