Hi all, newbie here.

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Hi everyone - new here

Have a 5cm mass in right kidney.

Just got a date through for the follow up after my 1st CT that was done end of last week, a chest CT is now also wanted and that’s in for next week so they have this imaging aswell for the follow up. Tad worrying when asked for a 2nd CT even though told nothing to worry about. Radical nephrectomy was mentioned in a brief conversation today….yikes….all a bit scary, slightly numb, all getting very real. Waiting, the unknown and lack of control are not my favorite things. 

Lucky this has been found now and can get dealt with as had no clue until was discovered in a ultrasound that was done alongside a cystoscopy to investigate non -visible haematuria found in urine tests done for something else.

So that’s me, hi and time to start the next leg of this journey with you all. 

  • Hi Janey35, 

    Welcome to the group. You will find us all friendly & supportive on your journey. You can see people's journey's that converse with you, by looking at their profile.

  • Wave Welcome!  You're right, the waiting and lack of control are the worst thing but we've all been through it and it does get better once all the investigations have reported back and you know what's to happen next.  There's always someone here with the same experience as you and ready to help.  You articulate a pragmatic attitude.  Hope you're not waiting too long.  The holiday period is not the best time to be in a queue . . . .  It was xmas inbetween my treatment decision and starting treatment in Jan, so I know what it's like. 

  • Hello Janey36, 

    Welcome to the group. I found it encouraging to read other stories; it's a difficult going through tests without real answers so I hope you are not left waiting too long. 

    All the best,


  • Hi Jonathan  what's your story   theres nothing  on your profile  .

  • Hi Janey36,

    It's so hard waiting for confirmation of what treatment you'll be having - the unknown is tough to deal with. But many have been where you are and I would say try to take comfort from that and from knowing it's been found and can be dealt with. 

    Best wishes!

  • Hello Artful, quite right. I've updated my profile (finally).

  • Why are they offering  genetic  testing  is it considered herredary  ?

  • Hello Artful, 

    The consultant recommended it due to being under 40 years of age. I don't have any history of kidney cancer in my family, that I know if anyway. 

    Kind regards,


  • Your so young so glad they found it my children are your age . So frightening this horrible  disease  .take care 

  • Thanks for the welcome all. 

    From reading some of your stories it’s shocking how many of us have had this picked up from something else.