Hospital calk me for second scan

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Hello people's  I got calk for ct scan for next monday  .anybody  can suggest  how to approach  this stage please. Tanks salvo

  • Hi - CT scans are a standard method for sizing and monitoring and generally evaluating tumours.  You can't really prepare for it. It takes about 10-15 mins.   Injecting dye into the blood stream is normal.  Sometimes there's a contrast to drink an hour before hand as well.  You lie flat on your back and the bed moves through a circular scanning machine.  You're asked to hold your breath a few times for a sharp image.   You have to wait for 10 mins afterwards to check there is no adverse reaction.  It's not painful or uncomfortable.  The radiologist writes a report afterwards and sends it to your consultant.  They should have an appt with you to discuss the results about a couple of weeks after.  

    Metal is unwanted in the image so I always wear a vest bra with no fastenings and hitch my jeans down.  They have some sheets to preserve dignity.