Kidney cancer

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  1. Hello there I been  diagnosed  last week with kidney cancer soo I would appreciate if someone can help and introduce me on thus group  tanks salvo
  • Hello Salvo,

    sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed, it comes as a shock doesn’t it. I would say that the purpose of this group is for you to be in contact with people who have gone through similar issues to you, in order for you to gain support and some top tips.

    You may at times feel that you want to express how you feel, but don’t want to tell family,…..this group is ideal for that and for raising your spirits.

    Take care and do post on the site to let us know how you are.

    Best wishes Julie x

  • Tanks for your message  jules .at the moment still very  confused  and still waiting  for the second scan and after that I will know mote about.  From now I will be updating  and also contributed  to do 8n this group  what you did with me .tanks for support  and message  salvo

  • Hello Julie hope  you well. I just read your  profile  and  I see we got similar  type  of cancer. Soo I would like ask you how is going  in all as I got my mother  too with same diagnosis  in 2006 she now 91 and  still well. If you can tell me more abut your situation  be appreciated.  At the moment  I am recovering well bit I got some discomfort  on the other side of my kidney  I hope nothing serious  I been  contact the doctor  hopefully  all well will see .tanks salvo

  • Hello Salvo, Gosh, it’s nice to meet someone else with my type of cancer! I think that most of my information is already in the profile, I am wondering whether you are considering any type of genetic link, with your mother having the same ( it’s good to hear that she is 91)!

    So I haven’t got any history of kidney cancer in my family, my dad was one of seven boys and there are a number of his brothers and him who have had prostate cancer.

    As will have read. I have a cyst on my other kidney, but currently, or at least at the last scan, things are looking okay with that.

    I have however, been quite physically unwell with coughs and colds recently, I have also had Covid a few times! I am a bit concerned as to whether my immune system is low and so I’m thinking of going to see the GP, as literally I seem to have a cough or cold about every three weeks.

    Most of the time, I just managr to put things to the back of my mind and get on with life, albeit I don’t think life is ever quite the same again as there is a worry element that hasn’t previously been there. That said I do feel as though I can live a fulfilled life and have a very positive outlook on life.

    I don’t know whether this answered your question, but if not, please do give me a shout.

    Wishing you all the very best Jules  x

  • Morning  jules hope you well. Tanks for all your writing  help me to understand better  tinks  even 8 got experience  with my mother  but wen you have this in your person everything its different soo I am try to see the positive  of 5he situations  and like I say my mother  had surgery in 2006 and not treatments at all only check up and she still ok after all.8 hope we can read 90 and plus.i just want ask you after radical surgery  you had any issues wich remaining  kidney? I mean after surgery  you been struggling  and  apart the cist you got all functions  are ok?anyway 8 hope all people's  effects from this tremendous  problem wish all well one day. Nice to hear  you soon